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Nevada Solar Group Reviews

Jennette Turner

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Nevada Solar Group was recommended by my neighbors so I went with them. They were professional, communicative, reasonably priced, and got the job done. I have not had to use NV Energy city grid power since as the sun powers the house in the day and the Tesla Powerwall 2 batteries at night. I am very satisfied with their service

Nevada Solar Group Reviews

Dustin Morgan

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Nevada Solar Group has the best team and the best costumer support! Support Team helped me to integrate the Solar System Design with my roofing design, channeling everything so my client could have the most efficient Solar system with the best looking Roof Design. Excellent team work, the best technical Support / design support and best prices ! We’ve not only integrated the solar panels.

Nevada Solar Group Reviews

Krista Gordon

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I admire how the whole team was phenomenal to work and be around. The recommended package comes with great software that works well to know the systems. A quick and clean installation with these professionals! I definitely recommend them!

Nevada Solar Group Reviews

Michelle Olsen

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They were always quick to respond and made the process of getting rebates very easy. They definitely did their best to maximize our rebate and help make us more comfortable in our very old and inefficient home! I have recommended them to many friends and neighbors who have also been pleased.

Nevada Solar Group Reviews

Shirley Ezell

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I am absolutely in love with my new solar panels! They look really good and I have been watning to get them done for years.Nevada Solar Group had the best offerings of all of the companies I spoke with. Really happy and highly recommend

Why Nevada Solar Group?

Solar Installation

We are a team of highly qualified specialists with rich experience in solar system installation.


Our company is a licensed Powerwall installer that complies with all the necessary requirements


High quality roofing solutions as well as solar shingles of all types to meet customers' unique choice.


We don't tolerate mediocrity. High professionalism and excellent result is our credo.


A wide range of solar solutions from financial to roofing, from smart home to energy monitoring and EV charging.


No need to talk about quality, it is better to visit us once, our products will speak for themselves.


Increase your property’s price and value with a solar system upgrade.


We offer the ultimate lifespan warrantees for all our products and services.

Online Store

Our online store is readily available for you to make a purchase without leaving your home.











Solar Panel Installation Queensridge

Nevada Solar Group offers industry-leading solar panel production brands, such as SunPower, Panasonic, LG, S-Energy, and others. With our high-quality specialists, solar panel installation will become a relaxation for our customers.

We have 10-years’ rich experience in solar panel installation in Nevada.  We have made many solar panel installations in Summerlin and PV Panel installations in Henderson.

What is the procedure of installing photovoltaic panels in a house?

1. Sunshine strikes the photovoltaic panels, creating an electric DC current to stream.

2. The current is routed to the inverter, which changes it to an AC current ideal for usage in the home.

3. This power is then sent throughout your building via the electrical box.

4. Excess power is returned to the grid through the utility system, resulting in a credit score on your invoice.

Queensridge Tesla Powerwall Battery Backup

We are a licensed Powerwall 1 and Powerwall 2 vendor company. Self-power your residence with a Tesla Powerwall battery and rid yourself of unexpected blackouts.

New generation solar batteries will ensure your house power backup as well as EV charging.

A Tesla Powerwall finds outages, stores energy and becomes your residence’s energy source when there are power outages. Unlike gas generators, Powerwall maintains your lights on without maintenance, noise or fuel. Paired with a solar system as well as recharge with sunlight to keep your appliances running for days.

With very easy installment as well as a minimalist layout, the Tesla Powerwall complements a variety of residence styles. The all-in-one construction has flexible installing options for exterior as well as indoor rooms.

Powerwall reduces our dependence on the grid by storing your solar power when the sunlight isn’t out or on a rainy day. Use the Powerwall alone or with other Tesla products. Save money, decrease your carbon impact as well as plan for any type of power outages.

Enphase Battery Backup

Enphase Battery backup Queensridge

Encharge 3 ™ storage system– AC-coupled storage system, based on lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry and with 4 ingrained grid-forming. microinverters, provides an overall useful energy ability of 3.4 kWh. It provides wonderful adaptability in beginning small and including ability over time.

Encharge 10 ™ storage system– All-in-one AC-coupled storage system, included 3 Encharge 3 ™ storage units and with twelve ingrained grid-forming microinverters, provides an overall useful energy ability of 10.1 kWh. Link multiple Encharge 10 storage systems to make best use of backup capacity for whole-home back-up.

Enpower ™ smart switch– The Enpower ™ smart switch links the residence to grid power, the Encharge storage system, and PV. It provides microgrid interconnection device (MID) functionality by systematically spotting and effortlessly transitioning the system from grid power to backup power in the event of a grid failing.

Roofing Replacement Options NV

Take the opportunity to start with a clean slate with a new roof structure as well as solar panel installment, completely. A roof as well as solar installment done at the same time will ensure your roof structure has a comparable lifespan to your photovoltaic panels, minimizing the event of upkeep routines that do not line up.

A great roofing is the top solution for a durable solar system. Best roofing remedies are readily available in Nevada Solar Group.

We accept industry-leading suppliers of roofing materials such as Shingle Master, GAF, as well as CertainTeed.

Re-Roofing Services

A roofing inspection and servicing can make sure a durable roof for you as well as your family. But a roofing system that requires constant fixes might need greater than an inspection and servicing, it might need to be replaced. Replacing the roof on your residence boosts your visual allure, the value of your residence as well as gives you assurance. Plus, a new roof (whether you mount solar, as well) can boost energy effectiveness, drastically decreasing the expense of your energy expenses!

Home Energy Monitoring Queensridge

Solar Energy System Monitoring is essential if you intend to achieve the energy result that you invested on. By monitoring your Solar PV systems or any type of Renewable Energy Solutions is very easy to learn when as well as crucial, where something goes defective. A monitoring system tool gives you immediate alerts if anything about the system presents troubles, allowing you to fix it immediately so as to get your photovoltaic panels back to full performance.

We offer a complete range of Renewable Energy System Monitoring Tools that will suit to your details system requires. Please call us to assist you with the advantages of applying a system surveillance tool.

We Help You Meet Your Clean Energy Goals with Customized Solutions

Our specialists have a ton of experience and high qualifications in solar system installation and relevant services. With us, your only concern will be the type of solar system to choose.

Our customers’ positive feedback is a priority for us. That’s why we guarantee the best products and service delivery.

Our team Cherished and Dedicated Team Members

Nevada Solar Group does thorough research before choosing a new team member. Our goal is to find not only specialists with high qualifications but also true advocates of solar energy consumption.

Hence, each member of our big family serves first a good example in renewable and eco-friendly power consumption.

We Make The Process Simple

Time is precious! This is why we suggest the best options for our customers in the shortest period possible. Our consultants will be eager to answer all your questions concerning solar system installation. We simplify the whole process from start to finish – from permits to system design and engineering, main system installation, activation and monitoring.

All the issues of solar are a subject for our concern, not yours. Do not hesitate to trust Nevada Solar Group with your solar journey. Your satisfaction is our priority. Your bright solar future is our primary goal.

Our Presence and Partners

Get a Free Solar Quote

Nevada Solar Group’s highly qualified staff is available for its clients 24/7. It is our pleasure to satisfy any of your inquiries related to solar system installation, financing, battery storage systems and more.  We also do solar panel installation in these cities: Peccole Ranch, TPC Las Vegas, Canyon Gate Country Club, The Lakes, Sun City Summerlin, Summerlin South, Summerlin, Spring Valley, Rhodes Ranch, Las Vegas Strip Area

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