Tesla Powerwall Advanced Time Based Control Mode

Follow these instructions to hook up to your Tesla Energy Gateway wifi to make admin changes, reconnect to wifi and have access to other administrative features of your Powerwall system.

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Advanced - Time Based Control Mode

Advanced Time Based Control mode works just like it does in Self Powered mode except it prioritizes the hours you define as “Peak Demand,” or where energy that comes from the utility costs a higher rate than usual. Time Based Control is perfect for customer who have a Time of Use rate with their utility, these are currently more common with SoCal Edison and SDG&E but all utilities are currently shifting to a Time of Use rate structure.

Peak Shaving, Load Shifting, Time of Use Offset

Sometimes referred to as Peak Shaving or Load Shifting, Time Based Control allows you to prioritize your stored energy to discharge during your higher cost rate periods throughout the day. The Powerwall will still algorithmically attempt to get you the most bang for your buck, even outside of your peak demand hours.

How It Works

The Tesla app allows you to enter your peak demand periods by day. It also creates energy forecasts based on learning your habitual energy usage patterns and uses this data to do it’s best to both offset energy use during peak hours and optimize what excess discharge it expects you to have for times outside those set hours. It does this by offering two settings you can choose from in Advanced Time Based Control mode. Balanced or Cost Saving.

Balanced vs. Cost Saving Settings

Choosing “Balanced” mode will do its best to hit the bell curve intersection of cost savings during peak hours and total energy used from solar power. Choosing “Cost Savings” will cause the Powerwall to do everything it can to best optimize for offsetting costs.

How to Set Your App to Self Powered Mode:

Step 1: Select the “Customize” Menu from your Tesla App Homescreen

Step 2: Select the “Backup Only” Operating Mode

Step 2: Select the “Backup Only” Operating Mode

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