Tesla Powerwall Gateway

Logging In to Your Tesla Gateway & Re-establishing Internet Connection

Follow these instructions to hook up to your Tesla Energy Gateway wifi to make admin changes, reconnect to wifi and have access to other administrative features of your Powerwall system.

mobile app Tesla Powerwall Gateway

Connecting To Your Gateway's TEG Wifi

Step 1: Find your gateway serial number. This is going to be used for a couple passwords, so it’s a good idea to write it down, or even better, type it into your phone or device you’ll be using to connect so you can copy and paste it into the appropriate fields later in the process.

Where Do I Find My Gateway Serial?

Glad you asked. The gateway serial number is located on a sticker inside the gateway. For Gateway 1 Units, the sticker is located on the inside of the door that swings open. For Gateway 2 units (Available Q3 2020), the sticker is located on the deadfront when you open the unit. The gateway serial will Start with the letters “TG” and be followed by a series of 12 digits. Your password will be the full gateway serial, with all letters capital and an “S” in front of it, for example, “STGXXXXXXXXXXXX”.

Back To Connecting To Your Gateway's TEG Wifi

Step 2: Open your phone, tablet or computer’s wifi settings and locate the wifi network the gateway puts out. It will be called TEG-XXX, where “XXX” are the last 3 digits of the serial number you just found.

Step 3: Connect to the network by using the “STGXXXXXXXXXXXX” you determined above.

Step 4: Once connected, open a browser and type “https://teg” into the address bar. If you have trouble, you can also try “https://teg-XXX”, where “XXX” are the last 3 digits of your unique serial number or this IP address:

Step 5: Get passed your browser security warning. look for ‘Advanced’ or ‘Show Details’ and then click ‘Proceed to’ or ‘Visit this Website’.

Step 6: Login to the wizard, select the “Customer” login type, use the email that is associated with your Tesla app as the username and use the last 5 digits of your gateway serial number as the password, remembering to keep all letters capitalized.

Update Network Settings

Once logged in, you’ll be taken to the network settings page. Here you can edit your wifi network, password and restablish internet connection. Follow the screen prompts as directed or watch the video below as a refference if you get stuck.

Monitor Your Powerflow and Charge Levels

It’s also a good idea to keep in mind you can monitor your Powerflow including system activity and state of charge in the Gateway Wizard. This could be useful in an outage if you happen to lose wifi connectivity.

powerwall powerflow

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