Powerwall Home Battery Storage

Your New Home Battery

Powerwall is a home battery that stores energy solar so you can use it any time to self-power your home instead of pulling energy from the grid. Powerwall can also provide backup power in the event of grid outages and easily integrates with any solar system to provide your home reliable, clean energy 24/7.

Why Powerwall?

Powerwall is sleekly designed and powerful home battery capable of storing your solar energy and using it during the day any time your home consumption exceeds that of your solar generation, or at night when your solar system is off line. It also automatically detects grid outages or blackouts and seamlessly kicks in to provide backup power to any loads you designate in your home. A properly sized solar and Powerwall system can make your home virtually grid independent and guard you against any current or future utility rate changes.

Full Solar and Home Consumption Monitoring

Every Powerwall system comes installed with both solar monitoring, Powerwall monitoring and home consumption monitoring, so you’ll know exactly what your solar is producing and what your home is consuming at any given time.

The Tesla app gives you a real time powerflow that shows a directional flow from all your energy sources. It also keeps track of backup history, telling you how many times and on what dates you experienced a power outage that Powerwall covered. Click here for a detailed tutorial on all the features of the Tesla app related to Powerwall.

Powerwall Home Battery Storage power flow

Grid Backup

If a grid outage happens during the day, Powerwall will keep your solar system on so it can continue to power your home and charge your batteries. If an outage occurs in the evening, Powerwall will kick in and seamlessly continue to power any loads you designate as backup loads in your system design phase.

Self Consumption

Powerwall has a “Self Powered” Mode that allows you to achieve a self consumption system, or a situation where your home is powered self-sufficiently from solar energy by day and stored power in the evenings.

Advanced Operating for Time of Use Rates

Powerwall has an “Advanced Time Based Control” mode that allows you to reserve your battery to cover your demand at times your utility may specify as peak demand hours. Some utilities charge higher rates during these defined peak demand hours and you can safeguard against those rate changes by programming them into your app.

Nevada Solar Group Advantages Over Tesla


Site Survey

With Tesla, you need to find your own surveyor. Nevada Solar Group provides a site evaluation with a detailed analysis of your home and roof.


Installation Fees

Prices include tax, installation and fees with Nevada Solar Group Tesla typically charges between 4-8k for labor, logistic and permitting services.



With Nevada Solar Group, we have the best warranties in the business. 25 years on labor, panels and production compared to Tesla's 10-year installation warranty.


Nevada Solar Group has dedicated install crews with years of experience to install your system and has the most 5-star reviews of any storage installer.

Full SGIP Rebates

Tesla has run out of current tier funding for SGIP and commonly runs out quickly with any newly released tier. Nevada Solar Group still has current tier SGIP rebates available.

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