Powerwall SGIP Incentives and Rebates

Learn about all available rebates and incentives for Powerwall systems from utilities, as well as state and federal governments.

Solar & Energy Storage Incentives

There are several rebate and incentive programs available to residential homeowners and commercial building owners who install solar and energy storage systems that are powered by solar. Below are some of the most common current incentives available to customers installing a new solar system with Powerwall, or who may be adding a Powerwall system to a property that has an existing solar installation. 

Federal Tax Credit for Solar (ITC)

Powerwall qualifies for the Investment Tax Credit, or ITC, which is also commonly referred to as the Solar Federal Tax Credit when it’s installed with solar or retrofitted on a site with existing solar. Currently the ITC tax credit value is 26% of total system cost. It’s important to know that you should always ask your tax professional any questions you might have related to tax credit qualifications on your specific system.

California Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP)

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) established the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) as a response to the 2000/2001 energy crisis and is one of the longest running distributed energy incentive programs in the US. In it’s current state, it is used to encourage energy storage installations throughout the state to reduce the overall strain ion the energy grid and the need to deploy expensive and environmentally hazardous fossil fuel power plants. The current program is aimed at residential customers to help reduce the cost of installing a clean energy system with energy storage. 

SGIP Tiers and Rebate Amounts

The SGIP program is divided into different tiers or “Steps” that define a specific rebate amount. Powerwall installers are each allowed to apply for up to 20% of each step’s existing budget, which is why you may find some variance on whether or not a particular contractor can offer the SGIP rebate or not. 


Approximate Rebate Value


Step 1



Step 2



Step 3



Step 4



Step 5


Remaining funds for SCE, Socal Gas and DWP

Step 6


Not yet open

Step 7


Not yet open

SGIP Application Process

1. After signing your order agreement, LA Solar files initial SGIP reservation paperwork to waitlist you for a rebate reservation
2. Installation an d all appropriate city and utility inspections are completed
3. LA Solar submits final SGIP application paperwork. An additional SGIP inspection may be required.
4. Rebate is issued

SGIP Restrictions

SGIP is aimed at smaller residential installs so certain restrictions apply on systems sized over 10kw. Southern California Edison, or SCE has a 150% rule stating the energy storage continuous output capability (5kw per powerwall) cannot exceed more than 150% of the solar generation AC output size. SGIP also stipulates a cycling requirement and requests system discharge data, so certain applications of your storage system, for instance, using it soely for backup power, may not be possible until the rebate stipulations are fulfilled. 

Combining SGIP an d the ITC Federal Tax Credit

It is ok to combine both the SGIP and ITC tax credit for your system if you qualify for both, so customers are encouraged to take advantage of both incentives on their systems. 

Other State and Local Solar Incentives

Other state or utility-specific rebates my arise in addition to the SGIP incentives or ITC tax credit. It’s best to ask your account manager about any additional incentives or rebates that may be available, as these rebates have varying qualification stipulations and tend to expire relatively quickly based on limited funding.

Nevada Solar Group Advanatages Over Tesla


Site Survey

With Tesla, you need to find your own surveyor. Nevada Solar Group provides a site evaluation with a detailed analysis of your home and roof.


Installation Fees

Prices include tax, installation and fees with Nevada Solar Group Tesla typically charges between 4-8k for labor, logistic and permitting services.



With Nevada Solar Group, we have the best warranties in the business. 25 years on labor, panels and production compared to Tesla's 10-year installation warranty.



Nevada Solar Group has dedicated install crews with years of experience to install your system and has the most 5-star reviews of any storage installer.


Full SGIP Rebates

Tesla has run out of current tier funding for SGIP and commonly runs out quickly with any newly released tier. Nevada Solar Group still has current tier SGIP rebates available.

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