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The process of going solar might appear long and complicated. There are lots of actions included, but the majority of these actions are in place to make sure that the right solution is found. A quality-minded, experienced partner will own and handle all of the actions– from the point of signing the contract to being granted permission to operate (PTO).

Choosing the best solar panel business for your scenario is vital, but it can also be difficult and hard. Many solar panel organizations market themselves as the best solar panel business. However, their messaging and offerings are irregular and complicated. There are third-party organizations that act as brokers and suggest the “right” solar business for you. Also, you might find contractors that set up solar as a side service or as a alternate trade. Their primary business might be roof repair, electrical, or basic building and construction, and they only set up solar panels on the side.


Select a solar business whose primary focus is solar

These organizations will be more experienced, committed, and driven to supply the best client service. Given that modern technology, processes, products, and best practices are constantly altering, solar-focused organizations will be current and use the latest solar developments. These are the organizations that will supply you with the best solution.

Select a solar business whose primary experience is solar.

Many solar panel organizations market 10, 20, or 30 years in company. What they don’t market is the number of of those years were focused on solar. They don’t publicize the age of their solar license. It is very important to look into any solar panel organizations that you are considering. Inspect their license history and the number of local government agency permits they have acquired.

Select a solar business that uses a choice to fit your requirements.

The business should offer a choice of products and services that can adjust to your particular scenario. They should not try to sell you on products or services based upon an special relationship with a specific maker. A business that uses options is more likely to supply objective suggestions and have the wanted know-how and experience. It’s like the adage that when you offer only a hammer, all issues look like nails. The right solar panel organizations must meet all your requirements and requirements. They must recommend the solar system for home that is developed precisely for you.

Select a solar business that is financially stable and has a sound business model.

Having a contractor’s license is insufficient to be completely qualified. The business also requires to be in sound financial standing and have a sustainable business model to maintain your system. A reputable business should have the ability to honor the warranties and warranties through the 25-year solar system lifespan. Inquire if the solar business is progressive, innovating, improving its processes, employing the best, and keeping an eye out for its consumers.



We offer the best-selling photovoltaic modules and inverters to meet your financial and energy objectives. Set up solar panels that work for you by buying the best, highest quality products. Going solar is a long-lasting financial investment, so it is very important that you put in the time to buy the best solar panels for your scenario.

Photovoltaic Panel Brands

Sunpower – 0.4% Degradation Up To 360 Watts Monocrystalline

LG – 0.6% Degradation Up To 320 Watts Monocrystalline

Panasonic – 0.2% Degradation Up To 330 Watts Monocrystalline

S-Energy – 0.7% Degradation Up To 330 Watts Polycrsytalline & Monocrystalline

Today, solar panels can be found in lots of ranges to meet the different expense, efficiency, size, performance, and aesthetic requirements of consumers. The kind of solar panels you acquire will vary based upon the solar panel maker.

Solar panels use the following significant technologies:

Polycrystalline Silicon (cheaper, moderate performance, typically blue in color)

Monocrystalline Silicon ( thought of “premium,” high performance, needs less roof space, generally black in color)

Thin-Film (cheaper, low-moderate performance, could be flexible, has lower and better temperature level degradation)

Solar cells made from these technologies are linked, typically in sets of 60, 72, or 96 cells. Once linked, they form a solar panel or module. In turn, the panel or modules are linked to one another to form arrays (e.g., groupings on different roofings). The arrays are then jointly referred to as the solar system.

Example: Panasonic N330 (VBHN330SA16) panel is made up of 96 N-Type, monocrystalline cells.

Your New Home Battery- Tesla Powerwall 2

Powerwall is a home battery that stores energy so you can use it day or night and self-power your house. Powerwall can supply backup power by itself or can easily integrate with solar to supply your house reputable, clean energy 24/7. With Powerwall, you get constant and backup power, even in case of a grid blackout.

Why Powerwall?

Powerwall is sleekly developed and effective house battery efficient in saving your solar energy and using it during the day whenever your house intake exceeds that of your solar generation, or at night when your solar system is off line. It also immediately identifies grid failures or blackouts and flawlessly kicks in to supply backup power to any loads you designate in your home. A appropriately sized solar and Powerwall system can make your house virtually grid independent and guard you against any present or future energy rate changes.

Full Solar and House Intake Tracking

Every Powerwall system comes installed with both solar tracking, Powerwall tracking and house intake tracking, so you’ll understand precisely what your solar is producing and what your house is consuming at any given time.

The Tesla app provides you a actual time powerflow that shows a directional circulation from all your energy sources. It also keeps an eye on backup history, telling you the number of times and on what dates you experienced a power blackout that Powerwall covered. Check out our website on Powerwall for a comprehensive tutorial on all the functions of the Tesla app related to Powerwall.

OPTIONSNevada Solar Group uses the TESLA PowerWall 2 and LG Chem storage battery solutions.

The PowerWall 2 and Eco have appealing outsides, enabling them to be mounted indoors, in addition to outdoors, and both can be mounted on the wall or on the ground. Both are also incorporated services that include the batteries, inverters, and software.

The PowerWall 2 can keep 13.5 kWh of energy and supply 5kW of power, whereas LG Chem can supply 9.3 kWh and supply from 5 to 7 kW of power.

Although both have a 10 year warranty, the PowerWall 2 includes endless Cycles, whereas LG Chem supplies 3650 Cycles at 95% depth of discharge for over ten years.


Deciding if Storage Batteries are right for you depends upon much of the exact same factors that applies to Solar. The significant factors include: Your Goals; Use pattern; Storage System capacity; Expense (now and in the future); Available rewards; Electricity costs (now and in the future); Solar System size; Warranty; Repayment duration.

HOA for Solar Panel Installation

Each HOA has its very own needs and methods however our company do our absolute best to help our consumers navigate their requirements. Some require very little while some are very specific. When installing new solar, our company has found that it is often less complicated for home owners or even supervisors contact their HOA and ask questions about their photovoltaic panel needs.

This generally spares time and hassles. Mountains Edge, Rhodes Ranch, Summerlin, Inspirada, Cadance, Sky Canyon, Green Valley, Lake Las Vegas, Tuscany, The Lakes, Seven Hills, Siena, Red Rock Country Club, Rhodes Ranch, The Summit, Aliante, Providence, The Ridges, Silverstone Ranch, Desert Shores, Rancho Circle, and Anthem are just a few of the Homeowner Associations our company have actually done solar panel installation in Nevada.

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