Downtown Summerlin

If you’re {looking for shopping|in search of shopping|looking for retail} {opportunities|options} {in|within|at} Las Vegas, consider a {trip|visit} {to|towards|into} Downtown Summerlin. It’s a {large shopping center|huge shopping mall|massive shopping center} {with dining and entertainment options|that offers dining and entertainment|with entertainment and dining options}. {Located on the western outskirts|It is located on the western edge|The location is on the western side} of Las Vegas, Downtown Summerlin is a 400-acre {development|area|community} {that caters to a variety|that caters to a range|which caters to a wide range} of {consumer interests|interests for consumers|consumers’ needs}.

{The five-screen|Five screens in the|A five-screen} Regal Cinemas theater in Downtown Summerlin is {a|an|one of the} Regal Cinemas cinema. On {October 5,|the 5th of October,|the 5th of October} 2014, {it debuted|the theater opened|it opened}. {Prior to the actual|Before the|Prior to the official} grand opening{ four|, which took place four} {days later, they|weeks later, the mall|days after, they}{ also|} {held discounted screenings for|offered discounted screenings to support|organized discounted screenings in support of} {charitable causes|charities|charity} {over the next few|throughout the following|during the next few} days. The mall {debuted|opened|officially opened} on {October 9|the 9th of October}{, 2014, with| in 2014, with| on the 9th of October, 2014. It had} 85 {of its 125|out of its|of the 125} {stores open|stores available|shops open} {for operation|to operate|for business}. {More stores are expected to|The mall is expected to have more stores|There are more stores expected to} {open over the next few|be opened in the coming|open in the next few} months. {Total|The total} area of the {shopping, dining|dining, shopping|food, shopping} and entertainment {center|complex|centre} is 1,600,000.m2. {An opening night celebration|The opening night party|A celebration on the opening night} included a {light and fireworks|fireworks and light|firework and light} {show and a street festival|show , as well as a street festival|display and a street party} {lasting four days to celebrate|that lasted for four days to celebrate|lasting for four days to commemorate}. {The street party was|Street parties were|This street celebration was} {opened|inaugurated|officially opened} {by|with the help of} Brian Sandoval, Nevada governor. Nevada Solar Group

On {its opening day|the day of its debut|the first day}{, thousands of people visited| there were thousands of visitors to| the crowds grew to thousands in} Downtown Summerlin. This {caused problems with|led to problems with|created problems for} {parking and traffic|congestion and parking|the parking lot and congestion}. Downtown Summerlin was {visited|frequented} {by more than|with more than|over} 250,000 {people|visitors} {during its grand opening weekend|on the weekend of its grand opening|in its grand opening weekend}. The {center offers 6,400 parking|downtown center has 6,400 parking|parking facility has 6,400} {spaces and tree-lined streets,|spaces , as well as tree-lined streets|spots, along with tree-lined streets,} {walkways,|pathways,|pedestrian walkways} and {streets|roads|avenues}. There are {approximately|around|about} 400 palm trees {in|within|that are in} the {area|vicinity}. Downtown Summerlin was {home to 111 tenants at|the home of 111 tenants at|housing 111 tenants when it was} the {opening|time of its opening|time of the opening}. The {area|town|city} employed{ a total number of| over|} {2,000 people|2500 people|around 2,000}. {Six fashion shows were|Fashion shows of six were|The fashion show was} {held|staged} to {celebrate Dillard’s opening|commemorate the opening of Dillard’s store|mark the opening of Dillard’s}. {There were 32 restaurants|The mall had 32 eateries|It had 32 dining establishments} {planned|scheduled} for the mall {at the time of opening|when it opened|at the time of its opening}. {However, many of them|But, many|However, many} {weren’t ready for the|were not ready for} opening day. Food trucks were {used instead|instead used|the alternative}. Nordstrom Rack celebrated its grand opening on {October 24,|the 24th of October} {2014|2014}.

{As of November 2014,|In November 2014,|As of November 2014} more than {one million people|a million people|one million visitors} {had visited|have visited|were in} Downtown Summerlin. {Many retailers were exceeding|A lot of retailers had exceeded|Many stores were far exceeding} expectations. Local {executives in|officials in|executives from} {the commercial real estate|the real estate commercial|business real estate} {industry|sector|market} believed that {Downtown|the Downtown} Summerlin could {help grow|boost|contribute to the growth of} {the local economy|economic activity in the area|locally’s economy}. Howard Hughes Corporation built an {ice rink in November|Ice rink in November|Ice-rink in November of} 2014 on {vacant land|a vacant lot|land that was vacant} {close to the mall’s north|near the mall’s north|close to the mall’s northern} garage. The {original plan|initial plan|original idea} was to {develop the site|build the area|use the land} as {a third|an additional|the third} {departmental|department} store. {Although the land was made|The land was converted|While the site was transformed} into a park {in 1959|in the year 1959|by 1959}{, the ice rink still| and the ice rink is still there, it| however, the ice skating rink} {returns each|is in operation every|comes back every year at} Christmas. In 2015{,|} {the|it was the year that|The} Summerlin Festival of Arts started {holding its annual art festival|with its annual art fair|hosting its annual art festival} {at|in} Downtown Summerlin.

The mall was {planned|originally planned|initially planned} {to be|as|to become} part of{ the|} Summerlin Town Center as of {2003|2003}. Rouse {planned to start developing|was planning to begin developing|had planned to begin development of} the {project in 2004 after|mall in 2004 following|project in 2004 following} the {completion|conclusion|finalization} of the Fashion Show Mall expansion. {Construction was not expected|The construction was not scheduled|Construction wasn’t expected} to {start until|begin until|begin until the year} {2005 or 2006|2005 or 2006|the year 2005 or 2006}. The {first|initial} {phase of the project|stage of construction|Phase of this project} {would|was expected to} {open in|be completed in the year|begin in} {2006|the year 2006}. The mall was {expected|scheduled|anticipated} to {open in 2006,|open in 2006|be open by 2006} {or 2007|or in 2007|or 2007}. {In 2004,|The mall was scheduled to open in 2004.|It was in 2004, when} General Growth Properties (GGP){, purchased| acquired| bought} The Rouse Company, and Howard Hughes. This {acquisition was the primary|was the main|acquisition was the principal} reason {why the mall’s opening|for the mall’s opening|behind the mall’s launch} date was delayed {from 2007-2008|between 2007 and 2008|for 2007 to 2008}.

GGP {announced in May 2005 that the mall would be|has announced that in the month of May, 2005, it will be|revealed in May of 2005 the plan to make the mall} {called|named|renamed} Summerlin Center. It {would be|will be|is} an outdoor mall {that could house|that would have|with} {up to six anchor|at least six|as many as six anchor} tenants. The {mall project|mall|mall’s project} was {known by the name|known as|referred to as} The Shops At Summerlin Center {as of October 2005|in October 2005|at the time of its October 2005 launch}. [14][16{]|16|The mall was named after the 16th of October.} GGP {announced in May 2006 that the mall would|declared in the month of May that it would|revealed in May of 2006 that its mall will} {be|comprise|span} {1,200,000 square feet|1200,000 sq ft|one million square feet} (110,000m2) and {include|would include|comprise} four anchor {shops|stores}. It {would be|will be|was} {part of|an element of|one of four anchor shops in} the Summerlin Centre project that GGP {was planning to construct|had planned to build|was planning to build} {in spring 2007|in spring 2007}. The grand opening {is|was} {scheduled for fall 2008|scheduled for the fall of 2008|planned for the fall of 2008}. Nordstrom {became|was made|was added as} {an anchor tenant in|the anchor tenant on|an anchor store in the month of} March {2007|of 2007}. GGP was{ still|} {in the planning stages for|developing plans for|in the process of planning} {the mall at the time|this mall when it was announced|The mall in the beginning}. {The|It was the|In the beginning,} Shops at Summerlin {Centre’s first|Centre’s initial|Center’s first} phase was {scheduled to open|set to open|to be completed} in 2009. GGP {wanted the project to|was hoping that the development would|believed that the store would} {be the heart|be the center|become the centrepiece} of Summerlin.

Daiso Japan makes it to Entertainment Capital of the World

Downtown Summerlin is an outdoor {shopping and entertainment|entertainment and shopping} complex {that|which} {is part of|forms part of|makes up} the{ larger|} Downtown Summerlin area, a 400-acre {development in|area of development within|development located in} the Summerlin South community on the western {outskirts|edge|part} of Las Vegas. It is {one of|among} the {largest shopping complexes|biggest shopping centers|biggest shopping areas} {in|within|across} the United States, with more than 200 {stores and restaurants|restaurants and stores|shops and restaurants}.

{The|It is the|Daiso is a} Japanese discount {chain|retailer|store chain} Daiso {has entered|is now in|will be entering} {the|into the|Daiso’s} Entertainment Capital of the World {with its second location|with its second store|by opening its second location}. {The|Its|Daiso’s} Summerlin store will {open to|be open to|open its doors to} {the public on August 20 at 10|customers on the 20th of August at 10:00|people on 20 August, at 10:30} a.m. Daiso has more than 80 stores {throughout|across|in} {the|all of the|America.} United States. {It will open|The store will be opening|It is planning to open} {a second|another|the second} Summerlin {location and|store and|location , and} plans to open {a third in|a third store in|another in} Henderson, Nevada. {The|Daiso is a|It is the} Daiso store is{ being|} {represented|located|associated} {in|by|at} Las Vegas by ROI’s The Graski Retail Team.

{The|It is a|This} Japanese {retail chain is|retailer is|Retail chain}{ well|} {known for its home goods|recognized for its home products|popular for its home items} and cosmetics{, as well|, aswell| as well} {as collectibles and toys|in toys and collectibles|for toys and collectibles}. {Its prices are extremely|Daiso’s prices are|The prices are very} {competitive and many items cost|affordable and many of the items are priced|competitive , and most items cost} {less than five dollars|under five bucks|lesser than $5}. Daiso {also focuses|is also focused} on providing {a fun|a pleasurable|an enjoyable} {shopping experience for its customers|buying experience to its clients|purchasing experience to customers}. {Its merchandise features popular|The merchandise is based on popular|The products are based on} {pop culture|pop-culture|pop culture-related} themes. {Some of its popular|Some of its most popular|The most well-known} brands include bts{, sanrio| and Sanrio|, Sanrio}, Disney, and Tokidoki. A great post