Just Like Renewable Energy, Tesla Powerwall Is Rechargeable

What is that one thing that the world strives towards? Sustainability! People search for ways to live as sustainably as possible. One of these ways that most of them take is switching to renewable energy consumption from fossil fuels. Considering the amount of carbon dioxide fossil fuels emit, it is a smart decision contributing to environmental friendliness these days. Even though such a switch may seem too abrupt and inconvenient, renewable energy consumption has its perks. One of the trendy renewable energy sources is the solar one that can be accessed through a solar panel system. In the case of photovoltaic (PV) panel systems, home batteries like Tesla Powerwall come alongside solar panels. These provide people with the opportunity to store excessively generated electricity either for later use upon demand or sale to the utility company. Either way that is a benefit to die for! Saving money, storing energy, living a sustainable lifestyle – what do we need more? Maybe a rechargeable home battery? Good news! The Tesla Powerwall is rechargeable.


Tesla Powerwall Energy Plan Upgrade

No wonder that Elon Musk is leading the market with day-to-day innovations and updates in the industry. This time, the update is connected with Tesla Powerwall specs, and you will love it. Powerwall software version 21.13.2 got released alongside the Tesla App version 3.10.12 with the best features beyond any expectations. If before these people loved Tesla Powerwall, after these, they’d adore it. Let me list 3 updates that come as blessings.


  1. People who are already familiar with Tesla Powerwall know that as soon as it reaches a low charge level, there comes the need to minimize home loans. Indeed, sometimes it gets out of control. With the update, as soon as it reaches a low charge level, home loads get automatically reduced due to a push notification.
  2. System issues – aspects that get on the nerves of the consumer. With the updated version, customers have the opportunity to monitor the equipment’s functioning thanks to additional troubleshooting features and notifications specifically designed for solar-only sites.
  3. If you have already used Powerwall before, then be ready to have improved backup-period behavior. Indeed, if you are thinking about buying a Tesla Powerwall just now, then go for it as bugs of the previous version are in the past. You will solely get the updated and upgraded one; congratulations!

Updated Version – Higher Rechargeability

As long as it is evident, all the updates and upgrades in the new version will bounce up Tesla Powerwall’s rechargeability feature. Being a home battery capable of powering up your home during power outages, peak times, day & night, it has the capability of being recharged either from the grid or the sun.


With the new upgrade, the battery has perfected its rechargeability prospects. Monitored and mindful energy conservation will lead to abundant energy supply during power outages. That means no worries about power outages at any time of the day for any length of time. Tesla Powerwall takes care!

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan

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