Solar Energy Storage: Solutions for Big Families

Solar energy is the most abundant alternative energy source. Alongside that, if you are a large family that wants to switch to solar energy at their home, it can be a great way to save money on electricity bills. The larger the home, the faster the return on investment will be. Even if you run your AC every day during the summer, you can still save a lot of money. A way to elevate your solar system is by looking into solar energy storage solutions.

The Most Efficient Solar System Type For Large Homes


Even though solar energy is powerful, it has its limitations if connected in a grid-tied fashion. Grid-tied solar systems do not have the option of independent production and consumption. You will have to be dependent on the grid during the nighttime. So instead of oversizing your system, you can invest in solar energy storage solutions. You can have battery backup on your system to store excess energy to use during the night. It is known as an off-grid system. The most significant plus side to this type of system is that you can still produce solar energy. As with grid-tied systems, your panels would stop producing energy for safety purposes. Long term energy storage is handy and will provide a return on investment. It can also help you save on Las Vegas utility bills, as once your batteries are fully charged, you can still send energy to the grid and get paid at a reduced rate.

The Types Of Storage Batteries And The Benefits


There are two types of solar energy storage solutions. There is:

  1. AC coupled battery storage
  2. DC-coupled battery storage

1. AC coupled battery storage is a battery bank that can be added to your solar system at any point after installation. It works as an add-on. It saves up extra power and holds it for later use. When a power outage takes place, it’ll kick in a few seconds and switch from the grid to the stored energy. It means that you will still be dependent on the grid, but you are grid-independent and can generate and consume your energy in other aspects.

2. Modern solar energy storage methods suggest going for DC-coupled battery storage options as all the solar energy you produce goes through the battery first, then to your home. The price might be more significant upfront, but it is worth it when you consider that you get uninterrupted power in case of a power outage. It is the best option for a large family that wants seamless power 24/7.

Overall, solar energy storage batteries for families are the key to nonstop renewable energy for homes of all sizes. But considering how significant energy bills can be for large homes, we recommend installing an additional battery backup to your system, whether you have one installed already or are looking to get one in the future. It is also recommended to get an additional solar water heater. If you are looking to upgrade your system to include a battery backup, you can book a consultation with solar energy consultants to get that set up for you. A backup is always a good idea!

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