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What Are Solar Panels

What are solar panels?

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Solar panel technology has come a long way since early versions of silicon were used to capture sunlight. Today, people can purchase modular solar panels that are installed onto homes or businesses to generate electricity.

These panels contain special lenses that focus light onto thin layers of semiconductor material, which convert energy from photons (the packets of light that make up electromagnetic radiation) into electrons. This process happens because of what is called “photovoltaics”.

Electrons also exist in other forms of energy, such as heat and power. When an electron moves through a series of wires or terminals, it causes a low voltage electrical current. Some electrons join together to form a single coin-shaped cell, but more often they do not connect and instead travel independently until they pair with others.

When enough electrons have joined together, this creates a difference in potential between the electrodes in the battery pack. That is, there is a positive charge on one electrode and a negative charge on the opposite electrode.

It is possible to create electric fields that will attract electrons to one side of the chamber so they build a path for electricity to flow through the external circuit.

How do solar panels work?

Solar Panel Installation Las Vegas from Nevada Solar Group

Once sunlight is captured by the solar panel, it can be converted into electricity. However, just because you have solar panels does not mean you can’t still use your lights or heaters. These things are powered by the sun now, so they will still produce energy when you use them.

When you rent an apartment or own a house, there might even be bills that mention how much you can use of their electrical service. You will need to call and see if these are included in your bill.

If you live with others or in a community, everybody can help cover each other’s costs for electricity. Anybody who uses power more than their share has only themselves to blame if their lights go out.

Benefits of solar energy

Solar Panel Installation Las Vegas from Nevada Solar Group

Although it may seem like you should pay more to get power from the sun than you do getting it off the grid, there are many benefits to going green and generating your own electricity.

You’ll be able to save some money each month by not paying for utility bills, and you’ll avoid those costs associated with burning fossil fuels in your home. Plus, you’ll know that you’re taking care of our environment by reducing pollution and carbon emissions.

Here are all the advantages of going greener:

More comfortable staying at home

We’ll protect our surroundings by being aware of what is happening with nature, as well as our impact on it.

Fewer pollutants entering the air we breathe, less water waste and better health for us all; these are just some of the benefits coming primarily from homegrown production.

Improved mental wellness thanks to a reduced sense of stress and greater feelings of safety, security and control over one’s life.

Who uses solar energy?


There are many ways to use solar energy. Homes, schools, restaurants, businesses – everywhere needs solar power to operate.

Consider why you’re trying to promote solar energy. Is it because you believe in the need for sustainable development or because you want to take advantage of government subsidies/incentives to install solar equipment?

If you have a business that wants to offset its environmental impact and gain revenue from selling green products, then consider setting up a recharging station for electric vehicles!

These days, people who own electric cars can easily fill their gas tanks once every few weeks at one of the thousands of gasoline stations. However, there are very few places where they can get completely free gas.

Driving an electric car is like driving any other vehicle using fuel. You have to find sources of clean energysuch as natural gas or propane to run your engine.

There are some relatively inexpensive options for reducing the cost of your electricity, such as buying expensive nightlights or office lights which are typically more affordable than lighting fixtures. Another good option is reflective tape attached to your car windows; this lowers the temperature of your car while running the heater.

How to install solar panels

Solar Panel Installation Las Vegas from Nevada Solar Group

There are many ways to install solar panels, from self-installation to expert assistance.

Self-installs can save money in the long run because they don’t have any installation costs. Commonly, they will purchase a system cost plus income tax. By paying for only their share of the cost, they avoid interest charges.

However, experts agree that trained professionals should install your solar panel system to ensure maximum efficiency and security. Do not try to install yourself as it is far more dangerous than doing so!

Trained technicians are also better equipped to handle emergencies or difficult situations that may arise during the installation.

Federal tax credits

Solar Panel Installation Las Vegas from Nevada Solar Group

There are two ways to obtain federal tax credits for solar energy systems. The first way is through your local utility company. You can earn these credits by participating in their renewable energy program.

If you have one of the following utilities (AT&T, Comcast, Ditech, Direct Energy, Green Mountain Power, CenturyLink, Verizon), then you can receive some or all of these taxes in return for using an electric vehicle here or buying a green product from your provider. These products will further reward you with reduced rate electricity!

Also, if you sell any of your unused homes and purchase power through the Better Business Bureau’s Home Protection Plan, they may give you additional state-level tax credit. It’s very important to contact your utility companies directly to see what options are available to you.

The second way is to apply online at This group has partnered with many different manufacturers to provide tax credits for purchasing their products.

When you buy anything from them, they get money. By giving them money, you can either use it as a down payment so you don’t pay a high price for everything; to install a solar panel system; or take it out of pocket yourself. Learn more about that above.

State tax credits

Solar Panel Installation Las Vegas from Nevada Solar Group

There are several state-level incentives that can lower the cost of installing solar panels in your home. The amount you qualify for varies by state, but here’s what we cover below.

Nevada has some of the most generous state tax credit programs around. Depending on your location, you could receive up to $1,000 per installed panel.

These grants do not pay for themselves in their first year, but increase the net savings over time. Net metering may have similar effects, though this is dependent on the utility bill rate where you live.

Tax credits are issued via annual deductions from income taxes or as upfront payments at filing time.

Another benefit of these payment methods is they allow for more flexibility when it comes time to make repairs or replace equipment. However, such allowances must be filed with the appropriate agencies.

Solar panel installation costs

Solar Panel Installation Las Vegas from Nevada Solar Group

There are several factors that determine how much you will pay for solar panels. If you’re willing to take a limited amount of time to get set up, you can save money.

If there are additional people who want to install solar panels, you can ask them to help you with your initial setup cost.

Once you calculate the cost of the solar panels themselves, you can factor in any discounts you received for installing them. Final prices depend on where you decide to put your solar panels.

You can keep pricing relatively low by building them into your home budget or you can spend more money to have quality technicians install your solar units.

Get solar panel upgrades

Solar Panel Installation Las Vegas from Nevada Solar Group

If your panels are starting to look a little beat-up, then it’s time to upgrade them. There are a couple of options for upgrading panel components.

You can get new panels with more efficient coatings or modules that produce higher voltage (more power from each cell). You can also buy replacement cells and modules to help keep your panels in top shape.

There are some great deals to be had if you do your shopping online. And while they might cost you a few dollars more or less than at the local supplier, it can make sense financially.

As people become increasingly aware of energy sources and climate change, there will be an increasing demand for clean energy. Now is the time to join the movement.

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