Storing Energy And Using It Later Is Now Possible With Tesla Powerwall

Solar energy is the fastest-growing renewable energy source worldwide. The solar energy market is expected to double in size by 2023. Solar energy is not only inexhaustible but also abundant. In comparison to fossil fuels that have a negative effect on the environment, solar power is the most environmentally friendly power source in the world. Moreover, renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly comparable to fossil fuels in price.

With solar power popularity rising, solar energy technologies are rising as well. Most of the solar technologies convert solar energy into electricity through PV panels or through concentrated solar power. Solar power systems are made up of different components, like solar panels, inverters, wires. However, the most wanted solar equipment today is solar batteries. A solar battery stores the excess solar power for later use.  

A Home Battery Storage

Home battery storage systems store solar power generated by solar panels so that you can use it later. Besides, home battery storage systems can also charge directly from the utility grid during off-peak hours when electricity rates are low. Then the battery can provide your home with energy during peak hours when rates are high. In this way, you are going to save money. Your solar battery can also serve as a backup power source in case of a power outage.

To understand if you need to install a solar battery system for your home, you need to realize how a solar panel system works. As we already mentioned, a solar power system consists of various components, including solar panels. Solar panels collect the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity. In case the energy produced is more than your needs, you can send the extra electricity back to the utility grid as most of the solar energy systems are connected to the grid. As a result, you will receive credits on the electricity bills. In a different case, whenever you need more power than you generate, you can draw energy from the electricity grid. Plus, you will use those credits instead of paying more.

With a battery storage system, you will minimize your reliance on the electricity grid and save more money. So, let’s find the advantages of solar batteries.

How Does A Solar Battery Function?

Installing a solar energy system, you will often have electricity excess produced by your solar panels. You can store this energy in your battery system instead of sending it back to the grid. So, when your solar panels generate more power than needed, the solar battery storage system will store it for later use. The higher battery storage capacity, the more power it will store. 

The extra energy charges your batteries, and in case of bad weather or at night when there is no sun, you can always draw electricity from your battery system. So, you will only need to send the extra energy to the grid in case your battery is already full. 

Another advantage of a solar battery system is that you will have backup power at your home in the event of an energy shortage. 

Do You Really Need A Solar Battery?

When choosing a solar battery system, the essential requirements are high power, high energy density, long battery life concerning charging and discharging cycles, battery safety, efficiency, charging rate, and, of course, the cost. Another important factor while choosing a battery system is the utility compensations when using solar energy. If your utility company has a net metering program, then you will save installing a battery system. 

Nowadays, speaking about solar batteries, we should know about the most popular battery system in the market – Tesla Powerwall. Tesla Powerwall is a lithium-ion battery storage system designed to function with a solar PV system, storing excess energy to be used when needed. You can install the Powerwall outdoors or indoors. 

In case you wonder if the Tesla Powerwall battery storage system is the right choice for you, first, you need to understand its features. By installing a solar battery, your primary purpose is to make the most of your solar panels. Tesla Powerwall will help you generate electricity as efficiently as possible. It will decrease the amount of energy you can need from the grid and make you more grid-independent. Tesla Powerwall will let you store the excess energy produced during the day and consume it later at night or on more insufficient weather days. Moreover, Powerwall gives you additional security in case of a power failure. 

With Tesla Powerwall, you can also reduce your electricity consumption bills significantly, especially in the summer months. Tesla Powerwall price is about $12,000 as of January 2021. To get more details on Powerwall, contact a professional solar company and get an accurate quote of Tesla Powerwall cost and installation process. Just take into account that Powerwall is the cheapest home battery system per kWh of storage capacity. So, by getting cheaper batteries than Powerwall, you are going to store less electricity. Furthermore, depending on your home location, you can have access to financial incentives to reduce your Tesla Powerwall installation costs. 

Author of a publication: Irene Abgaryan 

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