Top Secrets To Uncover Before Rooftop Solar Panel Installation

To install or not to install? The answer to such a question will always be positive as soon as you uncover the top secrets of rooftop solar panel installation. The number one burden that emerges while pondering about whether to go solar or not concerns the financials. People don’t know if there are hidden costs to rooftop photovoltaic (PV) module installation. That is why it is crucial to educate everyone about what finances are involved in such a procedure. Afterward, the second problem usually concerns the main installation process as it is not everyone’s profession to be a solar panel installer. Professional installers perform the procedure on a whole different level integrating techniques unknown to consumers. That is why it is vital to acknowledge the installation process to the minimum potential for the purpose of understanding whether the professionals do the job adequately or not. Of course, if we talk about the fastest-growing solar panel companies in the US like Nevada Solar Group, then surely there can be no doubt on the professionalism and job adequacy. But still, it will do no harm if the customer also gets knowledgeable and engages in the process. 

Fastest Return On Investment

People get deceived by solar panel companies and go for financing options that seem savvier than a cash purchase. Believe it or not, who thinks that way regrets in the future. Why is that so? The thing is that going solar and purchasing a PV panel system comes with financial incentives. While making a cash purchase, you are the one who gets those financial incentives. In the case of going for a financing option like leasing, the leasing company is the one taking them. At the end of the day, if calculating how much you can save by making a cash payment rather than by leasing, cash payment wins. Besides, paying cash is always a quicker way of getting ROI. Even if, after thinking about direct payment, there is a financial issue regarding instant payment, let me suggest a secure and savvy financing option to go solar – loan. No matter the loan is secured or unsecured, it is an option that helps you avoid costs that come with leasing. Moreover, solar loans require an incremental investment which makes your solar journey a financial heaven. 


Go Solar In 2021

One of the greatest financial incentives to grab while planning rooftop PV panel installation is a solar panel tax credit. You may not believe it, but 2021 is the last year that sustains a 26 percent of tax credit in the solar industry. For you to picture the extent of its significance, it is the second-highest solar panel tax credit in the solar industry’s history. If I were you, I would hurry to go solar as that tax credit relieves the financial burden to the maximum possible extent. 


Pay Attention To The Warranty

While going for solar panel installation on the rooftop, it is important to understand how long the company takes responsibility for maintenance procedures. Warranty of 25 years and beyond secures your purchase as you acknowledge that the company is responsible for further maintenance procedures by contract. Besides, it secures your financial state as no additional cost comes at you because of a system malfunction. Plus, you ensure that solar panel efficiency will always remain on top no matter what happens further. 

Be Careful With Rooftop Quality

While going for rooftop solar panel installation, it is of utmost importance to know whether there is a need for rooftop renovation or not. The thing is that quality-wise, PV module installation needs to be mounted on a durable roof. If there is a need to refurbish the roof, you also need to be aware of roof renovation services that most of the solar panel companies conduct. The cost of roof restoration is usually included in the installation as it is a part of securing PV panels on the roof in the best possible way. Besides, with a durable and safe roof installation, the aesthetic side comes to attention. When PV modules are installed in a modernized roof, the look of the house completely changes. Panels look smoother, shinier, and more modern. Overall, the house starts looking way more expensive and luxurious than prior to roof replacement and PV panel installation. Let’s not forget that houses with rooftop solar panels are worth way more than ordinary ones. 


Final Note

Rooftop solar panel installation has secrets that each beginner solar consumer should uncover before undertaking the main procedure. Secrets concern the finances and installation processes. Keep in mind that for the fastest ROI, it is important not to lease the solar purchase. Hurry to go solar in 2021 for the second-highest solar panel tax credit in the industry’s history. Never forget to check on the warranty a particular company provides. Be attentive to rooftop quality to have the opportunity to save money and time alongside getting the best aesthetic solar rooftop possible.

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan 

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