What Nevada Solar Group Has Prepared For You?

Welcome to Nevada Solar Group! If you are here, I bet it is interesting for you to see what the company has to offer you. Also, you may be interested in how the product & service offerings may be useful and beneficial to consume. Am I right? Great! Let me first introduce Nevada Solar Group – a sister company of LA Solar Group, one of the best solar panel companies in the industry. Through many years of innovation and growth, Nevada Solar Group has reached a point where it can introduce its own product offerings to you – a potential customer. To cut a long story short, let’s proceed with the article and get acquainted with the products & services that the company offers.

Solar Panels

Of course, the first product offering is the main component of a photovoltaic (PV) system. So, what are solar panels? These are equipment-sustaining homes with one of the most abundant and free resources available – solar energy. Photovoltaic modules – aka solar panels – take out the function of converting sunlight into electricity with the aim to supply power to your house. Solar modules differ with each company, and their shapes, prices, colors, and efficiencies are unique to Nevada Solar Group. The company takes into account a customer’s wants & needs, preferences, and financial incentives while offering this particular product. As can be implied from a renewable resource supplier, solar modules are environmentally-friendly equipment. Indeed, on top of that, PV modules provide the consumer with an opportunity to make an affordable purchase alongside money savings.


Solar Panel Installation

The product offering of a PV panel implies the service offering of a solar panel installation. The installation process is a short-term procedure that gets conducted if the roof of a particular house corresponds to the criteria of a solar panel company. The thing is that the roof should let the equipment face the right direction at the right angle to receive the maximum sunlight and operate as efficiently as possible. What if the roof isn’t suitable for installation? Nevada Solar Group brings up its roofing services, which will be discussed further. Is the installation costly? No, it is cost-effective! PV module installation is a one-time cost that gets compensated by rebates, grants, solar panel tax credit, and solar investments. By the way, lately described financial gifts come when an individual decides to go solar with Nevada Solar Group.


Tesla Powerwall

Yes, Nevada Solar Group has such a new product offering! What is Tesla Powerwall? It is a home battery designed from lithium that revolutionized the home energy storage industry. The special feature of the battery system is its small size but high voltage. The reason you would love this equipment is its capability to provide solar energy with and without the sun. For the former case of with-the-sun functioning, the powerwall starts conserving sun power as soon as the sun rises. Being a piece of smart equipment, it senses when PV modules produce excess energy and starts collecting the extra energy for later use upon demand. For the latter case of without-the-sun functioning, it senses times of the day when costs of electricity are lower than usual and starts collecting at that period. As soon as electricity costs start rising, it stops charging power. For the occasions of blackouts or power outages, the powerwall always has an energy to supply. Whenever an electricity loss happens, the powerwall automatically turns into the primary source of energy at the house. On top of lately discussed notions, the battery system offered by Nevada Solar Group is a DC-coupled one. Taking that into account, it is of utmost importance to mention that the Tesla Powerwall cost is relatively low if compared to other AC-coupled home batteries.


EV Charger

This product offering from Nevada Solar Group will particularly interest electric car owners. However, it may motivate others to switch from ordinary cars to electric ones – let’s not forget about environmental sustainability. Well, well, what are EV chargers? Not to overwhelm you with the terminology, it is an energy supply equipment designed to power an electric vehicle. Consumers prefer home EV chargers over public ones. The main reason behind this is the former’s capability to be inside the car and have 24/7 accessibility to your car. Depending on your preference of driving style, day-to-day commute, as well as electric car’s range, the choice of a charger based on the amperage will be specifically chosen for you. What regards the cost of the charger designed for electric vehicles, it is half the payment for annual gas fuels and refuels. Plus, with such an affordable price, you get an electric car charger that is usable for many years due to the warranty provided by the company. What’s more, the same equipment can be adjusted and used for another car of your choice.



As mentioned above, roofing services are an integral part of the whole installation procedure. If your roof is in bad condition, it will be renovated prior to the installation. There is no need to worry about it because every roof has a lifespan and needs to be renovated once a specified period of time. For roof renovation, there are a plethora of options to choose from, such as asphalt shingles. However, Nevada Solar Group provides you roofing services through solar shingles – energy efficient and beautifully designed equipment. By choosing to go solar alongside roof renovation, you directly point out the utilization of solar shingles. These products give you the opportunity to save money on the purchase, get solar modules and a new roof at once.


Final Note

Dear customer, we hope you already love what Nevada Solar Group has prepared for you! Even though the company seems new to you, it is worth mentioning that it is a sister company of the professional in the field – LA Solar Group. Nevada Solar Group’s product & service offerings are unique to the brand, high-quality, affordable, environmentally-friendly, and savvy.

Take advantage of the company’s product & service offerings – enjoy the solar benefits of environmental and financial kind.

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan

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