Why Is Going Solar In 2021 A Must?

You won’t believe the news! Solar panel tax credit remains at 26 percent in 2021. In 2020, solar consumers and people who planned to go solar lost their hope for a high solar panel tax credit. However, the new year started with good news, and solar consumers, alongside consumers who plan to go solar, continued enjoying one of the greatest financial benefits of the sun’s energy. But, here I should mention that 2021 is joyous to become a solar consumer, not solely for its financial incentives. Coupled with that, going solar brings a plethora of benefits. Let’s proceed with the article to acknowledge the full package of benefits that solar energy brings with it!

#1 Carbon Footprint Reduction

People excessively utilize vehicles fueled by fossil fuels, cut trees, increase manufacturing sites that let out toxic greenhouse gases. The extent of damage that such amounts of pollution bring to the environment is gradually devastating the habitat we live in. The carbon footprint on Earth is increasing day by day because of inconsiderate human activity. To avoid entering an inevitable state regarding the environment, people need to find ways to continue all those activities in an environmentally friendly manner. Of course, switching from fossil fuels to solar energy is one of the optimal and trending ways to do it! To help you picture the extent of the benefit the energy of the sun can bring to the environment, let me mention that one household consuming solar power eliminates 80 percent of the contamination of greenhouse gas emissions – a huge number! If each household may bring such an amount of benefit to the environment, it will get cleaner and cleaner every minute. 


What’s more, with solar energy, you can continue driving a car without environmental damage. How is that possible? Electric vehicles come to help with this one! Electric vehicles don’t pollute the environment. Besides, by going solar, you get the opportunity to purchase an EV charger that automatically gets charged by the sun and fuels your vehicle for limitless use. What can be better driving a car and knowing that it brings value to the surroundings? 

#2 Reduced Electricity Bills

You may think about going solar, but stop at the financial point and think of it as a costly resource because of its functionality. However, the energy of the sun doesn’t bring financial costs. Instead, it eliminates those! With solar energy, there are no monthly fluctuations in electricity bills. The monthly fee is fixed and may fluctuate from company to company, but still, it is incremental compared to standard electricity bills. 


#3 Forgotten Electricity Issues

Alongside fixed monthly small payments, you get inexhaustible energy to consume upon demand. With savvy and limitless solar energy, you automatically grab the perk of having electricity during power outages and blackouts. How can that phenomenon be explained? When you decide to go solar, you get a solar panel system. The PV system includes a solar panel battery – storing equipment that conserves excess sunlight energy for later use whenever needed. The extra power of the sun that gets stored in the battery can be consumed during critical periods like mentioned before. That is if you have work, studies, social meetings in the distance, a favorite TV show to enjoy, an instantaneous home party to relax, with the sun’s energy, you don’t have the problem doing all of that if something goes wrong with the electricity grid. The only measure that should be maintained for having all of the above-discussed exclusivities is being attentive to sustain off-grid solar equipment: one criterion – limitless opportunities. 


Final Note

Solar energy is a renewable resource worth a try! An environmentally friendly, savvy, and limitless source of energy can be accessible in 2021. If you want to contribute to a greener environment, save money for other spendings, and have access to electricity whenever preferable, then the sun’s energy should be brought to your house through a reliable solar panel company like Nevada Solar Group. Don’t forget that with all of the benefits that solar power brings with it, a high solar panel tax credit of 26 percent still dominates the industry. 

Go solar for the environment, financials, and accessibility. 

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan

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