Where Does Global Warming Show Off More? What State Would It Ruin First?

Global warming has increasingly been becoming the most prominent and dangerous environmental issue nowadays. Taking a look at the climate change in the US 2020 statistics, we have had a destructive year. It marked the highest annual increase in concentrations of methane, a potent climate-changing gas. As the temperature rises, with statistics differentiating in a total of 1.18C degrees between now and 1880. The need for clean, renewable energy becomes more obvious not only as a financially friendly option but as a genuine contribution to the greater good. So what does this exactly mean for the population, and what are the global warming impacts on the United States.


What Would States Be Impacted Most?


It’s all depending on what type of impact we are referencing. As research suggests, southern states will have the most economic impact from global WarmingWarming. For example, Texas, Florida and other southern states. As for the impact made by sea-level rise, it would be states near the coast such as San Francisco, Texas, etc. Additionally, there will also be an impact in the form of heat waves. It has been taking place more frequently and for more extended periods in the US since the 19th century. It is devastating news for states that have warmer climates, such as Las Vegas. For this purpose going solar in Las Vegas is a great idea to reap the benefits of sunlight and combat global warming. In some cases, Geothermal energy is used as well.


How Is Going Solar A Good Idea?


Clean, renewable energy such as solar energy is the best option to prevent the disaster due to global warming. It is a fact that states have taken into account. For this purpose, there are many government-based incentives provided for solar projects. Renewable energy resources in Nevada are a great route to take. It cuts down your emissions per household by a reasonable amount. You can also reduce your carbon footprint and know that you’re doing your best to combat the outcome of global warming. It’s also a great option financially as the prices for fossil fuel-based energy is on the rise and will be hard to keep up in the long run. 


Overall, global warming is a difficult thing to combat, but it is manageable with most of the world on the same page. Everyone has to be considerate and do their best to be eco-friendly, recycle and possibly invest in solar power to better our environment. This way, we can all live in a healthy atmosphere.

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