New Partnership Alert: Enphase Energy x IBC Solar

Enphase Energy does not stop expanding its distribution network. This time Enphase Energy’s product offerings are getting added to IBC Solar. The German PV solutions provider modifies its product portfolio by adding energy storage systems alongside microinverters from Enphase Energy. The distribution deal between IBC Solar and Enphase Energy seems too good to be true as it comes with considerable benefits for the customers of IBC Solar. Indeed, the deal is real and is already put into work.

Enphase Energy Storage System x IBC Solar

As the general manager of Enphase Europe, Peter van Berkel mentioned, “We look forward to working with IBC Solar and its strong installer network to provide homeowners with reliable, clean energy with our innovative home energy management systems.”


The goals of the deal are straightforward and crucial not only for the companies and consumers but also for the solar industry. IBC Solar aims to offer its customers a simple installation process with the help of new Enphase Energy storage systems. Plus, it wants to provide the opportunity of using the Enphase battery to both new and retrofitted solar consumers. These goals combined almost restructured the solar industry, taking into account the number of innovations due to the Enphase Energy x IBC Solar partnership.

Enphase Energy Microinverter System x IBC Solar

Besides including the Enphase battery system in the deal, IBC Solar aims to expand the product portfolio with the novel microinverter systems. Enphase Energy provides a 25-year limited warranty on these systems, which corresponds to the high quality and reliability standards of IBC Solar. As the Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Management of IBC Solar, Britta Beier explains, “Microinverter systems offer numerous advantages for installers and end customers from a technological perspective. The compatibility with all our modules and mounting systems fits our system concept and the fast, uncomplicated plug-and-play installation creates advantages for our premium partners.”



Why Is The Deal Successful?

This being said, the expansion of the product portfolio of IBC Solar with the help of microinverter and storage systems of Enphase Energy has been one of the most prospective ones in the industry. The thing is that the product portfolio expansion is not an ordinary one.

In the case of microinverter systems, these, offered by Enphase Energy, come with a clip solution. Aimed at simplifying the installation process, a clip solution has been implemented to help consumers have their photovoltaic (PV) systems installed easily, without complications.

In the case of storage systems, these, offered by Enphase Energy, bring a simple process of installation. Aimed at simplifying the installation process, these combine simplicity with safety due to the integration of lithium iron phosphate chemistry alongside all-AC wiring. Plus, these provide the lowest lifetime energy cost alongside careful customer support – key to success and prosperity.


Are There Benefits?

Of course, there are!

  1. power efficiency upgrade of each PV module
  2. exclusion of extensive string design
  3. less shading of the area
  4. possible extension of PV modules

These advantages may seem minor to the Enphase Energy x IBC Solar partnership. Indeed, these are the common problems that solar consumers face during their solar journey. With the provision of Enphase Energy battery systems and microinverters, consumers have fewer problems with IBC Solar.

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan

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