Solar Panels On Every Roof

Solar is going worldwide. The process of switching to this renewable energy consumption is a matter of time. This statement is made due to the increase of human interest in alternative energy sources. What is the reason that people are so interested in a solar panel system, and how is this interest expressed?

Youth Is For Solar

The benefits of this eco-friendly energy source are no longer a secret for many people. Still, raising awareness is an essential concept for some layers of the population. The mass-switching to solar will significantly contribute to the overall climate changes reducing carbon dioxide emissions and the greenhouse effect. The modern generation comprises brilliant youth who strive to make our world a better place to live in. They are admirable in their everyday activities aimed at raising awareness for solar.


A vivid example is a recent activity performed by Mitchell High School students. Namely, they suggested the solar panel installation project for Mitchell High School and Mitchell Junior High School. The idea was initiated and proposed by the students of the department of physics, environmental science, and calculus. They used existing knowledge and skills to do various research and, as a result, proposed the project to the Mitchell Community School Board. The students had calculated each point of the upcoming project, starting from budget and expenses up to the process of solar panel kits’ installation and location. They also proved that the upcoming power upgrade would cover over 44.4 percent of school electricity. At the end of the presentation, once all the details were discussed, the students also demonstrated the predicted annual bills’ decrease, which would be about $67,778, almost half of the bill for the previous year, that is $118,179.

This example proves once again that future generations are on the right path. It is apparent that they will grow into scientists who will use best practices and all the knowledge to benefit the environment. They will also ensure the next generations to be more aware and conscious about planet Earth.

Africa And Middle East

Africa and the Middle East, renewable energy is taking new steps towards you! It is no wonder that solar panel companies continually invest in profitable areas. Since the sun is the number one guarantee for solar energy generation, countries with more favorable climate conditions are the first target. Hence, solar projects aim to reduce the carbon footprint in countries of the Middle East and Africa to zero by 2040. This renewable power supply will, no doubt, serve several benefits in the area. Apart from environmental advantages, this investment will also result in economic progress. Many workplaces will be opened, which will result in overall life quality as well. The changes will open new doors in various directions. New companies will be created for manufacturing and maintenance, as well as roofing contractors. Since the connection to the electricity grid is not available for everyone in these areas, and the power supply is unstable, this renewable energy will solve the problem for many people. With power backup devices, permanent energy will be attainable for each in the area. Solar will be deployed in countries like Liberia, Guinea, Madagascar, and Sierra Leone. In countries like Jordan, renewable energy has been deployed since 2018. The installation is covered by roofing areas and several solar farms, covering about 60 percent of Jordan’s energy needs by 2020. Since installation, this innovative solution has reduced CO2 emissions by 45 kilotons.

China, Beijing’s Solar Plans

According to the Chinese news portal National Business Daily, a new program of renewable energy consumption was launched the previous year. It basically aims at reducing poverty in rural areas by pushing every farmer to switch to photovoltaic system utilization. Namely, 26.36 million kilowatts of renewable power generating stations were built all over the country. Since solar panel costs are somewhat high, the income is expected to be gained in about five to seven years.


Roofing Is Essential

Although big investors stake on large solar farms where they can have tangible profit soon afterward, many companies concentrate on retail sales. Such companies are basically producing photovoltaic modules and devices attached to them. Besides PV modules, they generally specialize in manufacturing and selling inverters, power storage batteries, roofing materials. Why is roofing so vital? Since most of the PV systems are installed on house roofs, one must assure its reliability. The solar racking, along with panels mounted on it, is a weighty construction. If the roof is not reliable, no company will undertake its solar modification. Modern markets propose a variety of choices to comply with the taste and requirements of all the customers.

Examples include but are not limited to metal roofing, wood roofing, tile roofing, solar shingles, etc. Solar shingles are the most extraordinary product on this list. Performing double function, it serves both as a roof coverage and photovoltaic system. Unlike ordinary solar panel roofs, these shingles are the panels themselves in the form of roof coverage. The external appearance of the shingle resembles a roof, but it is highly resistant and robust, with over 30 years’ durability. The product has shown excellent results with the most severe testing types. Although it has a higher price compared to ordinary solar panels, the investment is worth it. Slick in design and resistant in form this product will bring the electricity bill to zero soon after installation.

The proper maintenance of the roof is not of less importance. To avoid decay and to serve a good deal, the roof must be cleaned from debris periodically. It may seem to be simple work; however, the best is to trust it to professionals. Many roofing companies will gladly visit the place and perform roof cleaning for a particular payment.

Author of a publication: Helen Kocharyan

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