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Nevada Solar Group offers Enphase Storage Batteries, with the help of which you will be able to always have access to renewable energy. Safety and reliability are at the core of the Enphase Storage System design. It is an AC-coupled storage system with the lowest DC voltages in the industry. Along with that, it has lithium-ion battery chemistry with high power efficiency and a lifespan of at least 10 years. The design that Enphase created enables you to back up your backup system with the help of multiple microinverters that ensure the ceaseless functioning of your system even in case of having one of them damaged. Finally, you can manage the system production, consumption, as well as its storage with just a single app and get up-to-date information every time you need it.

How Enphase Storage Works

Some of the energy your solar panel system produces ends up being unused. Get the full potential of your system by having that excess energy stored to be used later when the sun is not shining. Enphase batteries will add some flexibility to your solar panel system in terms of offering two different options for you to better meet your energy needs. The Encharge 3™ all-in-one storage system provides you with adjustability in starting small with a usable capacity of 3.4 kWh and having an additional capacity when needed. The Encharge 10™ storage system, which is again an all-in-one alternative, has a total usable capacity of 10.1 kWh and will maximize your backup potential.



Installation Fees

The highest value at the lowest price to make solar energy accessible to everyone.



An exceptional warranty in the industry to ensure your system is properly protected.



A team of installers providing the best installations to reap all the benefits of solar energy.


Site Survey

A proper site inspection to provide the best solution for meeting your needs.


Full SGIP Rebates

All the conditions are provided to get full SGIP rebates with no effort.

Net Cost: $4,991 – $8,289 per Encharge 10™

Usable capacity: 10.08 kWh

Round trip efficiency: 96%

Up to $9706* SGIP rebate per battery

*The rebate amount depends on what SGIP program you qualify for. Speak to one of our consultants to find out what rebate you can achieve today.








To Date


To Date

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Nevada Solar Group, together with its parent company, LA Solar Group, has more than 7,500 solar installations and is growing quite rapidly. We are currently operating in Southern and Northern California, Texas, and Nevada. Our success can be attributed to our team’s experience and professionalism, which are highly valued by Nevada Solar Group customers and ensured to be always prioritized in our solar family.

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