Get Tesla Powerwall Installation from a Leading Certified Installer

Get Tesla Powerwall Installation from a Certified Installer. Get more out of your solar and battery backup installs using Tesla Powerwall. With rebates and state incentives, Powerwall installations can cost much less than you think. Powerwalls are in stock and ready to help you increase your grid independence. These systems work by allowing you to use saved solar energy at night, so you won't have to pull from the utility. Nevada Solar Group has Tesla Powerwall certified installers to help you make the leap to grid independence.

Our Reach

Our Reach: Clean Energy Throughout Nevada & Beyond.

Nevada Solar Group and its parent and sister companies serve all of Nevada, Northern California, Southern California, and Texas. We have participated in over 7,500 solar installations and nearly 600 Tesla Powerwall installations. You can trust the industry experience of Nevada Solar Group for your home.

Nevada Solar Group
Install Advantages Over Tesla

Nevada Solar Group


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How Powerwall Works

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How Powerwall Works

With nearly 600 Tesla Powerwall installations on homes with residential solar, we've heard just about every question. Get the answers to those questions by viewing the Powerwall web series we've put together. Click the links above to discover exactly how Powerwall installations work.

Nevada Solar Group Advanatages Over Tesla

Site Survey

With Tesla Powerwall installations performed by Tesla, Inc., you need to find your own surveyor. Nevada Solar Group provides a site evaluation with a detailed analysis of your home and roof.

Installation Fees

Tax, installation, and fees are included with Nevada Solar Group. Tesla typically charges between 4-8k for labor, logistics, and permitting services.


Nevada Solar Group provides the best warranties in the business. Twenty-five years on labor, panels, and production compared to Tesla's 10-year installation warranty.


Nevada Solar Group has dedicated install crews with years of experience to install your system. We also have the most 5-star reviews of any storage installer.

Full SGIP Rebates

Tesla has run out of current tier funding for SGIP and quickly runs out of any newly released tier. Nevada Solar Group still has current tier SGIP rebates available.


Solar Panel Installation

Nevada Solar Group is a premium solar panel installer. We offer industry-leading equipment from Panasonic, Solaria, Enphase, SolarEdge, Tesla, and more.

Our parent company has done thousands of solar installations throughout Nevada, California, and Texas.


Roofing & Reroof Services

Roofing & Re-roof Services Worried your roof condition won't support solar installation? Don't. Nevada Solar Group can handle your roofing and solar project from start to finish. Roofing costs are commonly bundled into your solar's zero-down financing, and may even qualify you for solar rebates and tax credits.

Solar Installation Process

Let's get Started

We Make the Process Simple

Our solar panel installers simplify the process of going solar and getting off of grid dependency. We offer permits, plan sets, system design and engineering, site evaluations, roofing services, solar and battery installation, system activation and monitoring, and more. Get started with us today!

We are a professional solar panel, roofing, EV Charging and Renewable Energy Company in Nevada.

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