Solar Panel Cleaning Machine

Get high-quality solar panel cleaning equipment

Although solar panels are durable and resilient, they are not invulnerable. The panels are built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and can fail if they aren’t maintained properly. Nevada Solar Group is committed to making it easier for customers through innovative solar panel cleaning tools. Our products will reduce your workload and increase the lifespan of solar panels. Protect your solar equipment with a reliable and dedicated solution. Our solar panel washing system is designed to meet the needs of our clients.

Multiple Control Options – Flexibility

Different solar panels have different needs. Clean panels in residential settings may not require weekly or monthly cleaning. Nevada Solar Group’s solar panel cleaner machine can be a great help for panels in dirty and dusty environments. Solar panel cleaning is easy and flexible. Cleaning can be approached in three different ways:

Manual – Clients prefer to have complete control over their cleaning schedule. Clients prefer to only clean the panels when it is necessary or when there is excessive dust. You might want to run your system after a stormy or windy day. This flexibility allows clients to customize their system to meet their unique needs.

Automated – This option is for clients who prefer to be hands-off. Clients can set up cleaning times for a week or a month, and the solar cleaning equipment will take care of the rest. You only need to choose one of the automatic scheduling options in our solar panel washer.

Pre-Programmed Scheduling – This is ideal for clients who want a custom option. If your panels are in a dusty and dry area, you might want to clean them every five days to ensure efficiency. You can have flexibility and automation, while a custom schedule gives you the best of both. This advanced feature is available on our solar panel washing machine.

Talk to our experts for more information about cleaning schedules. Before recommending a solution, they will ask you questions about your solar panel setup, location, and usage.

Advantages of Solar Panel Production System

People don’t like to spend their money on unnecessary things. Many solar panel owners think that the system needs to be cleaned only once a year. Numerous studies have shown that solar panels can suffer from poor maintenance and cleaning. Our robot provides easy, efficient cleaning that will improve the output of your PV plant. Let’s take a look at the benefits:

  • Ultra-Soft brushes – Nevada Solar Group solar panel cleaners have ultra-soft bristles. They are gentle on panels and pick up dust easily and efficiently.
  • Dry Cleaning Solution – Our solar panel washing machines do not use water to clean the panels. This reduces the possibility of harm and conserves water.
  • Low operating costs – Machines don’t need much maintenance or care. Clients won’t have to worry about frequent repairs and breakdowns as long as they follow the manual.
  • SCADA-Responsive – Clients can control the robot by connecting it to SCADA. Solar panel washing systems are also sensitive to weather conditions so they won’t work in rainstorms.
  • Self-powered – Our solar panel cleaner is also self-powered. It doesn’t require you to charge the battery or plug it into a power source. It will automatically charge itself when it runs out of energy and turns off again.

Solar panel efficiency can be improved by cleaning the panels at least once a year. Our solar panel cleaning machine is a great option. It can extend that life even further and help you save money as well as increase your energy production. Nevada Solar Group dry solar panel cleaning machine will make sure you get the best out of your solar panels.

The Price of a Solar Cleaning Robot – What You Should Know

Permanent cleaning solutions are desired by many clients to keep their solar system clean. Clients want a durable, reliable and efficient solution, but they are reluctant to spend a lot on it. Nevada Solar Group is a solar panel cleaning robot solution. The products result from more than three years worth of research and testing. They are made durable, high-quality material so they will last for years. The price of our solar cleaning machine is well worth it.

Solar Panel Cleaning System Cost

Solar cleaning costs depend on their size, number of modules and availability of cleaning products. Clients who own 1MW solar plants spend 2.5 to 3.5 just on maintenance, while 80% of the investment is spent on cleaning.

Traditional solar cleaning systems use a lot of pure water which can make them expensive. Some estimates suggest that washing solar panels in a 1MW facility may consume as much as 40 million liters of pure water over the lifetime of the plant.

Nevada Solar Group’s waterless cleaning solutions are more cost-effective and affordable. Our company, Nevada Solar Group solar panel cleaning robot cost is very reasonable. Dry cleaning robots don’t need much care or maintenance. Upon request, our company experts can provide an exact cost breakdown of ownership. Our experts are available to answer any questions you may have about the price of a solar cleaning robot.

Are Solar Panels worth it?

More than 1000 robots have been deployed and we have received repeat endorsements from 11 customers. Our experts are trained to provide tailored advice and know how robots work in real-life situations.

Here are some reasons why solar panel cleaning machines are worth the cost.

  • Increases efficiency – Solar panel efficiency can be increased up to 5% by regular cleaning, depending on the environment in which the project is being set up. Our solar modules cleaning robot will make your investment more attractive. It is well worth the investment in a solar panel cleaning robot.
  • Durability – Dust can be corrosive and cause serious damage to solar panels. A reliable system that cleans the panels regularly can significantly increase their lifespan.
  • Automated – Nevada Solar Group machines can be fully automated or semi-automatic. This means that they don’t need a lot of manual intervention. You don’t need to either hire technicians or specialists to your staff, or to hire a third party professional. The machine will automatically run if you have a schedule. Nevada Solar Group offers a more functional cleaning solution and a lower price for solar panel cleaning equipment.
  • Flexibility – Clients have the option to either follow a predetermined schedule or create their own cleaning schedule. The system can be operated manually or automatically.

These are just a few of the reasons why an automatic robot cleaner is worth the initial investment.


What is included in the price of solar panel cleaning equipment?

We provide a complete quote that covers all costs involved in the design, development, installation, operation and maintenance of solar panel cleaning equipment. We want to make sure that clients are able to plan their budget based on a realistic estimate. The quote includes:

Consulting and Analysis – An expert team meets with clients to discuss their needs and priorities. They answer questions, review solar plant blueprints and provide solutions. Our team will ensure that you receive the most efficient and affordable solar panel cleaning machine prices.

Design and Development – After our team has received all the necessary information, they will begin to design the custom design. Each PV plant needs a unique, efficient solution. While creating a customized setup, our engineers are highly skilled and will share their knowledge. SolaBot guarantees efficiency and a reasonable price for solar panel cleaning equipment.

Testing – Product development is not complete without testing. Before a product is shipped to the customer, it goes through extensive testing.

After the testing is completed to our satisfaction, implementation – Installation takes place. All aspects of the implementation are covered according to the plan for commissioning and implementation.

Nevada Solar Group Solar Cleaning System

Our products can function effectively with little human intervention. To work correctly, they only need a little care. Clients will not have any problems as long as they follow the instructions in the manual. Nevada Solar Group provides consistent customer support. For maintenance, repairs, or troubleshooting, you can contact our dedicated support team. We are available to answer any questions you may have about our solar panel washing equipment.

Nevada Solar Group is the best place to find a reliable Solar Panel Cleaning Machine. We are happy to answer all your questions about our products and their effectiveness.

We are a veteran-owned and operated solar panel cleaning business. We offer Residential Solar Cleaning as well as Efficiency Checks and Repair Consultations.

We are a leader in solar panel cleaning and maintenance throughout Las Vegas, Nevada.

Why Solar Panel Cleaning?

You can save money and produce more energy.

For optimal solar system performance, it is important to clean the panels.

Solar panels’ efficiency is severely affected by dust, dirt, and other environmental pollutants. Studies have shown that PV panel performance can decline by as much as 20% without regular cleaning and maintenance.

Nevada Solar Group is available to clean solar panels on your rooftop, solar carports and large ground solar systems. Our experts will inspect the entire array and perform more than a simple solar cleaning system.

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