Solar Panels Are The Number One Option For Cheap And Independent Energy

Budget and comfort are the two main factors that impact people’s moods. If something is cheap but doesn’t comply with one’s expectations, it doesn’t have high demand. If it has all the required features but is too expensive to afford, the buyer or consumer will not be satisfied either. Solar energymanufacturers have expanded their capacities to the maximum bringing it even closer to perfection.


What is exactly comfort for each? First and foremost, comfort is reliability and security. It is hard to imagine a modern lifestyle without smartphones or other electronic devices of the kind. People all around the world have become dependent on it. All the business and personal data such as meetings, communication and other information are registered in it. The more they are used, the faster the battery needs to be reloaded. Although solar panel installation is excellent for residential or commercial building owners, it doesn’t solve portable devices’ charging issues. Here come the portable solar panel kits to solve this issue. With these devices, the phone charging problem is far behind in the past. The market is already full of options to choose from.


A portable PV module is the dream of people fond of camping and long trips in the wild. This device is usually small and easy to use. Many models are manufactured with a special waterproof cover to be left outside in rain or stormy weather. The smallest among all being FELLE SOLAR POWER BANK, with 6.1 by 3.35 inches, is foldable with simple maintenance. On average, it can charge the iPhone about eight times. It is a mini solar panel system with a flashlight and several USB ports, an encrypted power bank. The lightest option in the market weighs about 1.18 pounds, while the biggest one is heavier, weighing about 7 pounds. Despite the size, this option is easy to carry due to the foldable construction. The model is PAXCESS 60W 18V, with high performance efficiency of about 23,5 percent in good weather conditions. It also has a special coverage that prevents it from water and dust. Solar panel companies also propose a mid-size option to choose such as BigBlue Foldable Solar Charger with 28 watts power capacity and three USB ports. The fully extended size measures 33.1 by 11.1 inches. The disadvantage of this device is the absence of a power bank.


Extremely convenient, this device comes in different sizes and capacities to comply with all customers’ requirements. Such solar panel costs can range from $45 to $150, depending on the device’s specs. A question arises; is it worth buying one? Based on the positive feedback provided by numerous independent users, one comes to the conclusion that such devices serve the benefit of any solar consumer. According to the solar energy news, many people recall using the portable PV module even at home when there is a power off. They need to recharge a smartphone or another electronic gadget. As one of them claims, his portable device was able to fully charge the phone long after it had last been under direct sunlight. This basically means that they are capable of storing energy for a significantly long time.

The independence of solar system maintenance is also ensured by home power storage batteries which are most commonly used in areas where rolling blackouts and power outages occur. The most widely used devices in this aspect are Tesla Powerwall and Enphase Envoy. One such device is a must for house owners who value reliability and comfort. The devices are usually sold separately and are not involved in the solar panel installation cost. However, as the Tesla CEO recently announced in the nearest future, these devices will make part of the overall PV kit for sale. This mainly means that Tesla will be selling the Powerwall only with the solar array for all the customers.


Any power storage battery, irrespective of the brand, performs the primary function of energy backup and supply upon the consumer’s demand. Hence, it is another component of the photovoltaic set that one should consider buying in case of going solar.

Author of a publication: Helen Kocharyan

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