Used EV Seems a Waste? The Solar Market Thinks The Opposite!

Do you know why people prefer buying cars from a car owner rather than straight from the car salon? Even if none of us have done research on this question, we all assume that it is mainly because of the price of the vehicle that gets depreciated with every owner. Indeed, there is a stereotype that renewable vehicles should be straight from the salon. Who structured such a rule? Turns out, used electric vehicles can, indeed, be a deal in the hot car market! Even though the best option to buy an EV is choosing one of the top EV companies and go for the purchase, used electric vehicles still work perfectly. But why should people go for used EV? To find out the answer, just proceed with the article!


Why Used Electronic Vehicles Became A Thing?

Have you ever learned about how the car market works? In either case, if put in comparison with the electric car market, it can be considered a contributor to the surge in EV sales. The car prices get lower & lower for the ordinary car market, while gas prices go up by one dollar per annum. This may seem a minor change, but, believe me, or not, it is a drastic one! Indeed, recently the prices of used cars have risen by 48 percent per year. The reason behind such an increase is the shortage of used vehicles and the deficiency of supply in the car market. This gives the electric car market a powerful tool – twofold bargaining power. What the EV market is capable of at this point in the industry’s career is lowering the EV price and save on gas by replacing it with a renewable resource like solar energy.


3 Reasons to Buy a Used EV

  • Purchase Price

Depreciation is the number one thing that constantly happens with a vehicle. Like every other vehicle, EV also depreciates. As iSeeCars puts it, “Electric vehicles depreciate quickly – nearly 52 percent after three years.” If reflecting on the topic of purchasing used EV, then if EV should come off lease, three years later approach a bargain. Indeed, the prices depreciate in the electric car market, too. This is only to the customer’s benefit.

  • Rebates

Every solar panel company selling or manufacturing electric vehicles catches the moment to offer its clients rebates & incentives. This is being done to motivate employees and inspire them to put more & more effort into each project. In fact, rebates & incentives can become a serious motivation for the customer to look at what other brands or that particular brand have. In the list of rebates is the cooperation of a water and power company and electric vehicle company to drive sales up. If a consumer of the water and power company participates in a contest organized by an EV company, then the customer will get a rebate in a certain amount.

  • Gas

The most evident yet the most important reason to switch to a renewable lifestyle and go for affordable used EVs is gas. Two main aspects of the gas are reasons to go for the affordable option of an EV. The first one is the gas price. Say goodbye to costly gas refills, renewable energy like solar power sustain an EV, no matter what. The second one is the environment. Without gas, the carbon footprint gets drastically reduced, and a sustainable lifestyle gets implemented.


Final Note

Do you know someone who is selling his or her EV? Oh, it’s a used one? No worries, it couldn’t be a better offer & choice! Used EV is a deal in the hot car market – don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of the exclusive deal supporting affordability and environmental sustainability.

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan

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