Maintenance and Repairs of Solar Panels

Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels can help you save money on your electricity bill, and also reduce your carbon footprint. Solar panels can be expensive, but they will last for 25-30 years. This means you’ll get a good return on your investment. It can be a great investment and provide cheap, renewable solar energy for 25 years or more.

You must properly maintain your solar panels to get the best value and make sure they last as long as possible. This guide will teach you everything you need about solar panel maintenance. It includes how often you should maintain your panels, what the cost is to maintain them, and how to properly maintain them.

Solar Repair and Maintenance

The Maintenance and Repairs of Solar Panels required  is minimal. They can be left alone. Solar panels only require a light cleaning every so often to ensure that leaves, dirt, and other debris don’t block the sun’s rays.

You may require more maintenance during heavy snowfalls, which can cause solar panels to malfunction.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Many solar panels systems will not require much maintenance other than regular inspections and cleaning. There are red flags that your panels may need to be maintained sooner than planned.

A decrease in your solar panel’s energy output is the best sign that your panels need to be maintained. It’s a sign to schedule a service appointment if your solar panels suddenly stop producing the energy they used to and your electricity bill goes up.

Performance Monitoring of Solar Panel

An app can be used to monitor if your panels’ energy output begins to drop. If your panels have a lower energy output, it could indicate that they are not able to generate the usual amount of electricity.

You can monitor how much energy your solar panels are producing each day and over time by integrating a monitoring system to your setup. This will allow you to track how external factors affect the performance of your panels and how they are maintaining their efficiency throughout their lifetime. You will be notified if any panel fails or malfunctions, so you can fix it or replace it.

Let’s look at some ways to ensure your solar panels last the longest possible.

Maintain System's Performance of your solar panels

If your panels are tilted, it’s possible to have rain wash away any debris. It is important to clean your panels manually during dry seasons or prolonged periods without rain.

It is recommended to clean your solar panels at least twice a year. Although this may seem like a lot of work, it is actually not difficult. You will have your panels in great condition if you use a leaf blower, or simply spray the garden hose with a little water.

You may have to clean your panels in winter after heavy snowfalls. Make sure the water you use to remove snow is lukewarm. A squeegee can be used with a long handle.

When clearing snow from the panels, it is important to remember that hot water should not be used. Tempered glass panels can be cracked by extreme temperatures.

Solar Panels Repair and Maintenance Schedule

Solar panels have very minimal maintenance, as we have already mentioned. There are three main schedules you should be aware of:

  • An annual inspection: Hire a professional to inspect your panels and make sure they are working correctly.
  • Cleaning: Your solar panels should be cleaned approximately twice a year. If your solar panels are not prone to dirt and debris, you may only need one cleaning each year. If your solar panels aren’t subject to much rain, or accumulate a lot of dirt and debris, you may need more cleanings.
  • Additional maintenance: You can schedule an appointment for maintenance if you notice any problems with your solar panel beyond your annual inspection.

Solar Panel Maintenance Costs

Most homeowners hire trained professionals to inspect and clean their solar panels every year. An experienced professional is safer because many of the solar panels are on the roof. You will save money on maintenance by hiring an experienced professional.

Nevada Solar Group estimates that the annual maintenance of labor costs of a solar panel system is about \$450. This includes $150 for an annual inspection, $150 each for two cleanings and $150 for an annual inspection (for a total $300). You may have to pay slightly more for maintenance if your solar panels are damaged or you clean them more frequently due to dirt and debris collecting faster.

You may be charged less depending on the solar panel installer. You may be offered a number of little maintenance visits as part of your solar panel purchase. Some providers may offer regular maintenance and cleaning plans.

Differences between ground-mounted and rooftop panels

Ground-mounted solar panels and rooftop systems are similar in terms of maintenance. However, ground panels are more accessible and easier to clean. You can sweep away snow and other debris with a soft-bristled brush.

Climate change and extreme weather mean for your solar panels

Solar panels are made to last. Solar panels made of high-quality materials can withstand any weather conditions, including rain and wind.

According to the Department of Energy, solar panels are resistant to hail. You can even survive hurricanes. This is evident by the minimal damage that solar systems sustained in North Carolina during Hurricane Florence 2018.

They are not indestructible, and can be damaged by lightning, hail, tornadoes, hurricanes or other severe weather. You should be able get any damaged panels replaced or repaired as long as your warranty is good.

Ironically, panels are most affected by heat. Panel efficiency drops by approximately 1% each degree when the temperature exceeds 77°F (or 25°C).

You can still cool them by raising them a few inches from the ground or roof. This will allow for air circulation which can cool them and help maintain energy production. While solar panel performance in hot weather is not something you should stress about, your solar contractor will consider local climate factors when installing panels.

Broken panels, Damaged panels, Cracked panel Repair Services

It is best to hire professionals if your panels need to be repaired or replaced.

If your panels are losing efficiency, but still within a performance warranty or power output warranty call the company that installed them. They will send someone to evaluate the situation and fix or replace the panels.

You may be covered by a separate warranty if your panels sustain physical damage. To determine who is best qualified to replace your panels, you can consult with your solar contractor. You should not attempt to repair or install solar panels on your own.

Standard Warranty on Solar Panel Maintenance

It is crucial to make sure that your solar panels come with a good warranty. If the efficiency of your panels starts to decline, it could potentially cost you thousands over the years.

Nevada Solar Group, the manufacturer of solar panels offers a warranty that guarantees the panels will last for a specified number of years. Most warranties last between 10-20 years, while some can last up to 25 years. These warranties ensure that your solar systems will not perform below a specified level. These warranties also cover any unexpected damage caused by storms or other factors beyond your control so you can maintain solar panels.

However, the warranty by your solar company might stipulate that solar panels will only be covered if they are maintained properly. Your warranty might not cover solar panels if they aren’t cleaned regularly or if built up debris reduces their useful life or they are already damaged solar panels.

The price of solar panels<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> is higher than most household appliances. They are also more expensive than other household appliances and require much less maintenance. Your solar panels only require periodic maintenance. This includes cleaning and an inspection every year. As long as the panels work properly, there won’t be any need for additional maintenance.

Solar Panel Servicing

We know that your panels should be serviced at least once a year. But what happens during servicing? A professional installerwill visit your home to inspect your solar energy system. After inspecting the panels, the installer will perform some tests on the solar inverters<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> as well as the meter to verify that it is working properly.

It is important to have your solar panel system serviced. This will allow you to relax and ensure that your panels are running and providing you optimum performance. You can rest assured that your panels are in good condition and will continue to save you money on your energy bills.

Top tips for solar panel maintenance

You can also install sprinkler-type automated cleaners if mounting your roof is not an option. A professional can come to your home for solar panel cleaning.

Avoid DIY solar installations. It is much less likely that you will encounter any unwelcome complications by hiring a professional solar installer for your solar panel.

Everything depends on where you place it. You’ll find that solar panels love large open spaces if you do your research. Avoid shade and remove any branches from trees. Make sure your panels are in direct sunlight. Your panels should be placed at an angle so that rain and debris don’t slide off.

Consider the long-term. While we know that solar panel repairs can be expensive, it is important to avoid quick fixes. You’ll save more money long-term if you spend more on a new inverter than on repairing it.

Solar Repair Company

Why Choose Nevada Solar Group? Nevada Solar Group is a leader for solar panel manufacturing with brands like SunPower and Panasonic, LG and S-Energy.

We have a track record of success. We have successfully completed 7680+ Watts installations, 46MW+ residential installations and 6.5MW+ commercial installation, 94GWh+ production, and $72M+ savings. We rank fourth nationally for electric equipment and premium solar panels.

We offer solar repair services we provide include panel cleaning, critter damage repair and installation of critter guards, replacing broken inverters or panels, retooling old hardware with panel measurement, and ongoing maintenance or check-ups.

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