Power Issue In NV: Does It Concern Solar Consumers?

Nevada is experiencing chaos. Absolute chaos concerning its climate. An extreme heatwave along the Western U.S. affected Nevada to the extent that NV Energy announced and warned consumers to conserve energy to avoid power outages right now in Nevada. Apart from the extreme heatwave that surely creates energy problems in Las Vegas, the record load on the power grid has done its job, too. The thing is that these days the number of businesses operating in Nevada compared to the 2020 coronavirus situation is huge. Especially during the summer months, all the businesses use air conditioning, which makes up most of the high loads on the power grid. 

What Should People Do To Avoid The Energy Power Outages?

Even though power current outages are a huge problem for Nevada, there are several ways for fossil fuel consumers to avoid issues connected with the power grid. Measures that experts advice to take include turning off the lights, turning off the pool pumps, unplugging appliances that you don’t use, avoiding the usage of electrical appliances like washing machines, adjusting thermostat settings to 78 degrees or higher alongside using ceiling fans, pre-cooling homes prior to 6 p.m., keeping freezers and refrigerators closed to the maximum extent possible, closing coverings of windows, avoiding EV charging. Even though these may seem too much to complete, there is a reason. Only the fact that Las Vegas experienced 117 degrees at McCarran International Airport recently directs fossil fuel consumers towards doing this. 


Does This Concern Solar Consumers?

Short answer – no! Indeed, let me explain why. People who have already shifted from fossil fuels to solar energy have a huge advantage over those who still stick to fossil fuels consumption. The main reason behind this is the nature of the energy resource. In the case of solar energy, it is renewable, thus, sustainable. Renewable resources like solar power are inexhaustible, affordable, and environmentally friendly. While fossil fuels aren’t. Let’s stick to the point about inexhaustibility, and you will see why the power issue with Nevada’s power outages doesn’t concern solar consumers. As the energy of the sun is limitless and doesn’t stop being generated by solar panels, people have it ready for consumption all day long, no matter the circumstances. Even if there is a blackout or power outage, backup batteries have the ability to supply excessively conserved power for consumption. See? Despite the situation, solar power is always there for us. However, the occurrence of a minor issue causes power grid issues. Also, if solar power constantly restores power in Nevada’s homes, fossil fuels never do that.


Final Note

Of course, if you are a fossil fuels consumer, then be cautious about this summer’s warnings regarding power outages. It is better to stick to safety measures advised by NV Energy. However, it’d be better if you decide to switch to solar power. The primary reason for suggesting this is the fact that solar consumers have absolutely no worries about power outages in the summer because their energy supply never stops coming. Let’s not forget that solar energy is independent of the power grid.

Go solar, become independent!

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan

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