4 Solar Panel Installation Problems To Avoid

Saving money, being environmentally friendly, and having access to electricity 24/7 – the main three things to go solar. To get these perks and more, a right start should be put to the solar journey. This means that solar panel installation – the fundamental procedure for a successful solar journey, should be done professionally. No matter if the procedure gets completed by a team of professionals from a solar panel company like Nevada Solar Group or just gets DIY-ed, specific issues should be avoided. In the case of not knowing about them and encountering any of them, the solar panel system functioning will suffer, and the whole thing may turn out as a waste of money, time, and energy. Interesting, right? Let’s see what these problems are.

Problem #1: Roof Inspection

Prior to solar panel installation, one of the most important things to consider is the state of the roof. It is of utmost importance to check on the structure of the deck and frame before proceeding with the installation. A qualified team of engineers should work on the inspection part to ensure that the base of the PV system is secure. The reason behind this is the probability of having complexities during the installation process because of unsafe roof conditions. Mainly, 3 things need to be inspected:

  1. Whether the roof can bear solar panel system weight alongside other equipment bundled up in solar panel kits or not.
  2. Whether foot traffic damage may be sustained or not.
  3. Whether the process of mounting PV panels by penetrating the roof may be sustained or not.


Problem #2: Inaccurate Installation of PV Panels

The professional crew of solar panel installers knows best how solar panels should be installed not to ruin the equipment alongside the roof. That is why it is vital to ensure that the company of your choice is specialized in what they do, not to struggle later. One of the crucial insights to solar panel installation is wire management. Based on the following 4 criteria, you can even check on the team by yourself and make sure they are highly qualified.

  1. Wires should run by avoiding sharp corners, making sunlight exposure as little as possible, overpass excessive bending, etc.
  2. Wires should be labeled and bundled as without clear identification of each wire, further maintenance or emergencies won’t be handled in a secure manner.
  3. Panels should face the south for maximum exposure to sunlight.
  4. Panels should be placed in cool environments.


Problem #3: Roof Water Flow Interruption

Professionals know well that water flow should be accounted for during PV panel installation. Without considering that, wiring and racks may mess up the water flow and proper drainage won’t happen. Consequently, the need for roof repairs may arise, which is a lot more challenging to complete with PV panels. That is why always make sure that solar workers have a great knowledge of such minor yet crucial details. The knowledge of such minor details may help you avoid leakage problems and clogged drains.


Problem #4: Ensure Match With Regular Inspection & Maintenance

This is an essential part to pay attention to because it decides the future of solar ROI. To get a good portion of the return on investment from PV panels, it is important to conduct regular inspections & maintenance to avoid possible minor issues. Either by themselves or with the help of the professional crew, a consumer should take care of the photovoltaic system not to see a decrease in panel efficiency, energy & money savings, etc. It would be better to have a solar panel company that specializes in roofing also like Nevada Solar Group. The thing is that such companies take care of roof inspections & maintenance, too, which eliminates additional cost.


Final Note

Turns out, a successful solar journey requires avoiding 4 problems regarding roof inspection, installation inaccuracy, water flow interruption, and regular inspections & maintenance. Believe it or not, the experience alongside facts report that if avoiding these problems, solar journeys will be enjoyable and beyond.

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan

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