Solar is Threatened: Why?

Solar has been the trendy source of energy that most people go for. However, it started declining in popularity for some reason. Investors like Todd Miller who started their solar installation businesses, achieved success at first. However, in the case of Todd Miller, four years after a prosperous operation in the solar industry, success started deviating from him, although the company has grown in size. The reason behind his stop in business’s progression is the state Legislature that may have happened to restrict operations of solar companies as businesses. That is, solar energy is threatened in the state, or as we can put it, solar power is at risk. Why should the state Legislature announce such things? Let’s proceed with the article to explore and understand.

What Stands Behind the Solar Shutdown?

As it is known, a recent trend among people worldwide about being sustainable and consuming renewable resources started declining. Todd Miller’s business drop is one example of how solar initiatives fall in popularity and prosperity. What stands behind the solar shutdown is a utility that takes care of alternative energy installation through wind turbines in large quantities. Wind energy brings up the change in the solar industry through the shift in the mindset of lawmakers. Indeed, the competition between wind and solar powers is suspicious as for a considerably long time, these two renewables have been friendly twins.


Will Solar Be Cancelled?

The truth is that wind farms are getting built at a rapid pace without considering the driving force to go for wind energy. If in the case of pros and cons of solar energy, pros exceed cons with a considerable margin, wind energy doesn’t come with that excellent pros to attract a massive quantity of people. For instance, the phenomenon of having the opportunity to generate excess power through a solar panel battery and sell the unconsumed, extra energy back to the grid lures consumers. The concern with this solar energy benefit is that if lawmakers make prices for solar systems drop, the solar industry will start suffering. State Sen. Joe Bolkcom mentioned, “At a time when we’re being ravaged by extreme weather events that are the result of a warming planet and climate change, we should be thanking people, businesses, farmers and homeowners that have taken it upon themselves to produce some carbon-free energy where they live and work.” These words correspond to reality as the resource that is abundant these days and will grow in abundance continuously is the sun. If each and every person takes it as a responsibility to make money from solar and contribute to environmental sustainability, the world will become a better place to live in. Considering how popular solar energy is and how concerned people are with it, solar cannot be canceled, at least for now, at least for the circumstances we have at this moment.


Final Note

Wind energy and competition in the renewable energy field are triggering solar giants. Indeed, we should not forget that even if there are disadvantages of solar energy that people are aware of, these are getting their solution day by day as a result of the time solar power is trending all over the world and gets researched by professionals. In the case of alternative energy sources, we need to do research and start everything from scratch to sustain the smooth functioning of wind energy systems and equipment.

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan

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